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07-31-2008, 10:25 PM

I have an urgent question for all of you! Next week, I am going to make a trip to Paris. The city of love and great meals!? A lot of friends were telling me some stories about this city and I also read a few tourists guides. However, I do not only want to arrange an average trip with Mona Lisa & Co. but also with extraordinary places which are not overcrowded by tourists. I will only have one week for making the best of this experience. Therefore I need some helpful Paris information (http://www.pariscityguide.net) to satisfy my boyfriend, who will accompany me, and my empty purse. I also still require a suitable Paris accommodation (http://www.pariscityguide.net) because right now I am just overwhelmed by all the internet pages and catalogues. I am glad for every comment or suggestion. Thanks a lot in advance and hopefully everything will work out before my boyfriend has an other reason for teasing me.