View Full Version : recommendations for language learning from my travel friend

05-13-2008, 01:51 AM
My friend Isobel is writing to you with her recommendations for language learning; She is fluent in 5 langauges (Spanish (native), Italian, English, French and Portuguese) so I think she should be able to help budding translators, teachers or even just those of you wanting to make the most of your holidays. She lived in the Canary Islands when she was little – a fantastic place to grow up! The Canary Islands attract many tourists each year and it was mixing with people from abroad that fired my curiosity – she wanted to speak how she spoke! So I checked out Tenerife and planned my escape. She first went to London; after hearing so much about this wonderfully cosmopolitan city and thinking speaking English was a great way into business, she decided to make my stay 2 years; She loved every minute! She took the examen Cambridge (http://www.hiedracenters.com/matricula-cambridge/) which was a reward for my success – it now means finding teaching jobs is so much easier (a great way to fund travels abroad) and she feel proud to have something to show for my 2 English years. That is her advice to language learners – get certified. Employment options increase almost immediately and you differentiate yourself from those who put “English language speaker” on their cv but can only really speak the basics. For similar reasons to learn English (its utility in industry), She's now off on a sprachaufenthalte im ausland (http://www.prolinguis.ch/) to learn German – I’ll let you know how it goes!