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04-29-2008, 01:33 AM
I’ve just come back from an internship abroad Ireland (http://www.cci-exchange.com/countries/ireland.shtml) (I’m Spanish, from Salamanca) and I had a wonderful time! I studied English first at the University here in Spain but this was mainly literature – I learnt my real English in an escuela de ingles en Londres (http://www.tilesaeyc.com/adultos_londres.html), mixing with local English people, socialising and having fun. I would recommend an internship abroad to everyone – you learn so much – a new culture, language, work skills…It’s really worth the while! Take a language course beforehand, even if you think your language skills are ok, it brings you up to speed and is a great easy to integrate yourself within a community before you start work. With this in mind, look for the very best language school – one that organises lots of social activities. I took a språkkurser (http://www.blueberrysprak.nu/studieorter/franska/) in Sweden and though I was only there two weeks (so learnt VERY basic Swedish), I made friends for life – some of them I even visited when I did my next language trip (a sprachkurs Australien (http://www.esl.ch/de/erwachsene/sprachaufenthalte/englisch/australien/index.htm)). The extra two weeks studying in the city of choice before you begin your work placement really help you to settle; you find yourself going into the job full steam ahead, already knowing the area, having dusted off your language skills and having already made friends. It really is a great choice for young people and looks great on any CV or resume. Take my advice! Then…advise me where to go on my next trip, I have “itchy feet” again…