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Moderate Mammal
02-12-2008, 10:18 PM
We all should be thinking about the concept of "Survivalism".

With the economy to terrorism to illegal aliens one doesn't need to look very far to see that the United States has become a powder keg. The term Survivalism is used by folks in the survival community which entails the methodology of survival such as in a Hurricane, Flood, Earthquake, social unrest, et. al. Details may include, storage of food, medicine, water, weaponry and other tools to survive a disaster without Government aid if normal social constructs breakdown. The past events occurring after Hurricane Katrina would be a glaring example of the need for survivalism tools and skills.

Many a discussion on numerous forums and organizations devoted to Survivalism have noted that even with a secluded and relatively safe "bugout" place to exit to, a number of serious questions arise when and if a situation extends beyond the temporary. Such events as long term national civil unrest, a natural disaster of global proportions or Civil War(here, not Iraq).

One can only prepare for short term events for themselves and/or family. One acronym commonly used by the Survivalism folks is "TSHTF" or "The S*** Hit The Fan". Eventually, the need for a community will be necessary after a certain period of time such as 1 month. The rational behind this is obvious and simple, meaning if such a TSHTF scenario occurs long term survival may become exceedingly difficult if not impossible for individuals and families. One will need to grow their own food, provide modern medical care and have the ability to protect the community from those that wish them harm.

And considering the fact that the economy is about to collapse upon the air it's built up upon along with the new demographics of the US including those that do not embrace American values. One scenario could be whole states abandoned and Americans left alone to fend for themselves. Just think about what will happen when societal collapse occurs and 10's of millions in the Cities run out of food. Or when the Correctional Officers abandon the Prisons to save their own families. As we watched in Horror the events in New Orleans recently we can assume the Feds will not be able to provide food, medicine or even protection from gangs of monsters roaming the metropolitan areas.

You may recall how long it took the National Guard to arrive as well as the numerous defections by the New Orleans Police. And with our military tied up in Iraq, no one will be coming to restore order.. Even if you live in suburbia or in a rural area, millions of the angry, hungry and insane will travel the highways. They will remove any and all that is in your possession. And possibly commit unspeakable crimes upon you and your family. Tribalism will almost certainly be the order of the day.

I live in New Jersey between NYC and Eastern PA and looking to meet other folks in _real life_ to create a working
viable survivalism group. Even a few like minded folks with a small house in the country with modest preparation is far superior than hoping your neighbors will act civilized and come together for the common good.

An excellent overview of survivalism principles. http://www.squidoo.com/survivalism_and_preparedness
Make sure you read the "First-person Accounts of Survivalism and Preparedness .....Thoughts On Urban Survival (Post-Collapse Life in Argentina)".

Here's a few links to forums that discuss Survivalism.
http://groups.google.com/group/misc.survivalism/topics?lnk=srg&hl=en UsenetNewsgroup: Misc.Survivalism(You can use your newsreader to view Misc.survivalism or read the archives via Google if unfamiliar with Usenet)







02-26-2008, 12:35 AM
Thats a very interesting post with some good information. It wouldn't hurt everybody to be more prepared and ready for anything that can occur in this crazy world.