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06-01-2006, 07:47 PM
I'll have more about this, but I was just wondering what people's thoughts were on th future senate race. I have to say, talk about immatue tactics though. Today kean gave a speech in Hudson county and the government there just happened to schedule the lawn t be mowed at the same time he was scheduled to give his speech. They claimed that they merely scheduled it then so the place would look good for his speech. Well then I ask you, wouldn't it have made MORE sense to schedule it BEFORE the speech so Kean could have given his speech without being drowned out by the lawn mowers and weed whackers?

Jersey Warren
06-02-2006, 11:22 AM
I know he bombed the last time he ran, but I like Schundler better than anyone who has run for governor of New Jersey in many years.

If you had phrased the question, "Who would be WORSE for New Jersey," however, I would have selecteed Menendez.

My favorite NJ congressman is Scott Garrett.

By the way, when you click on the link for Garrett in the NJ Congressmen thread, you get a profile of Chris Smith. Smith is a good guy, too, but I'd also like to see Garrett listed!

As always, this is a great board.

06-24-2006, 11:56 PM
I'm posting this here, even though I did post this on the Anti-Taxc Rally thread.

I talked to Tom Kean Jr at the anti-tac rally today in Seaside Heights and asked him his thoughts on the NY Hudson rail tunnel. He says he supports - I still do NOT. He claims that it will bring people over to NJ - that the tunnel wiorks both ways. I say that is bunch of bull. Our politicians next to zero to bring business and employees into our cities. We are losing more businesses in NJ than atre being created by this anti-business environment the politicians have. He claims that things will be fixed up and corrected within the 12 years it will take to build the tunnel. Again I say that is a bunch of bull! If NY wants to get employees from NJ - then I say they FUND the project, NO NEW JERSEY tax money should be used to support the businesses of NY. Our politicians are making NJ into a NY subrub - and even by Tom Kean''s statement to me - he is also one of them. As of right now - I support neither menedez nor kean. After today, Kean has some SERIOUS proving to do to me!

One comment Kean made that really bothered me was that we would get a lot of support jobs. Why the hell should NJ settle for merely the corporate support jobs? Why can't NJ politicans open their eyes and actually promote NJ as a great destination for the main offices of corporations? OUr politicians REPEATEDLY settle for SECOND best and therefore that is what NJ is treated as! :mad:

10-24-2006, 01:15 PM
I'm sort of surprised - with the election only weeks away, this thread hasn't been getting any action. I figured I'd bring it to the top of the pile.

So what do people think? One of my thoughts is that I hate kean's commercials. Actually I hate both Kean's and Menedez's commercials. I flip the channel as one of their commercials come on. I think that Menedez would be worse for New Jersey than Kean though. I don't trust Menedez at all. The only people I can see voting for him are the voters who are happy with the Mr Taxman Corzine. one big problem i have with kean is his support for the Hudson Rail Tunnel which will send New Jerseyans to wrk in Manhattan instead of attracting businesses to New Jersey. Since both canidates support this oneway tunnel to New York though, it's a lose-lose.

I really wish we could get a damn politican who would stop cowtowing to New York, would fight for New Jersey. Menendez is worse in this regard - he has that Senator - what's her name again? Oh yeah Hillary - campaigning for him. She's the same person who said, when a reporter corrected her on the number of NFL teams that NY has (they only have Buffalo), that she looks at New Jersey as just being a part of New York anyway. Well I for one do not look at New Jersey as being a part of New York or Pennsylvania and I wish that our politicians would stop treating New Jersey as if it was. Those two states do nothing for us.

The other thing I want is for a senator to start fighting for New Jersey money. We our dead last in a return on what we give to the federal government. This proves that our senators in Congress do nothing to fight for New Jersey. The politicians of New Jersey sell us out - and New Jerseyans should start demanding more from them!

BTW - there was this video on CNN.com - NJ Red and Blue (http://www.cnn.com/video/player/player.html?url=/video/politics/2006/10/24/snow.nj.blue.and.red.divide.news12_nj) In the video there are comments that New Jersey is a "Blue" state, well I disagree - we are a MODERATE state. We are neither blue or red. New Jersey repeatedly flip-flops on governors and the state legislature. We may be BECOMING more blue though, but from what I have seen - that has been a disaster, unless you really do like being taxed to death!

10-25-2006, 05:30 AM
The way Menedez commercials were I thought George Bush was running not Kean

11-06-2006, 07:45 PM
Why is Corzine's man, Menendez ahead of Kean? If he wins, Its N.J. way of saying thank you Mr. Corzine for my new taxes. Why compare Kean to Bush? What has Corzine and Menendez do for the Iraqi war? Its still happening. Menendez is a Democrat and Democrats fully support Multiple Pensions. N.J. , if Menendez wins, then don't complain about your high property tax, because you voted for it. In 1977, N.J. voted for an income tax when Byrne won. N.J. needs to fire out the Democrats, We need to end Multiple Pensions.

11-06-2006, 10:56 PM
Hi Lordmarc, Unfortuantely it appears that Menendez has quite a lead over Kean although there is a possibility that Kean could still win. The chances are small though with the election nearly at a close. I am hoping that Kean does win as the tax problems are not going to be solved with Menendez in charge. I have watched the election closely and really hoped that it would not turn out the way it has. We have to wait and see how it ends. I wish I could feel more positive about it. New Jersey does not need higher taxes. Marianita

11-07-2006, 01:00 PM
Lordmarc and Marianita I moved your posts to the Kean or Menedez thread.

Well it is election day and we will see who wins today. Sadly I feel that Menedez will win - although he does only have a 5 point lead in the latest polls I have seen. We need a congressman who will actually fight for New Jersey - I don't see that with Menedez. Yes - Senators are supposed to concentrate more on national issues - but take homeland security money - Chuck Schumer of NY was giving press conferences about Port Newark. WHY??? Where was OUR congressmen??? Why do New York representatives speak for New Jersey - while our representatives are silent? The thing is - by New York representatives speaking out like they make it seem like they are in charge of OUR security - and then when the money is divided up and given out - what will New Jersey get?

Take the hudson rail tunnel that BOTH menedez and Kean support. CNN used to have a segment called "Exporting America" which was about American jobs being lost to India and China - well this rail tunnel is a perfect example of Exporting New Jersey. We are subsidizing New York's economy. This is somethng OUR New JERSEY representatives are fighting for in Congress. :roll: Instead of promoting job growth in New Jersey and attracting business to New Jersey - we're worried about how to get New Jerseyans into New York. Why was the PATH station rebuilt so quickly after 9/11 - it wasn't to help New Jersey - it was to rebuild lower Manhattan. The longer it took to rebuild the PATH line - the more likely it would have been for those companies to relocate and STAY in New Jersey. It's sort of amazing that our so-called representatives agree to the building of the Twin Towers in the first place in exchange for the PATH station. which basically just took workers from New Jersey to New York.

If there is one thing I can not stand about New Jersey - the one thing that makes my blood boil - it's the lack of respresentation for New Jersey interests. You don't see New York fighting for things that benefit New Jersey. You don't see New York donating to the building of our arenas and stadiums - but they don't hestiate to take credit for OUR teams who play there.

Another thing I find interesting is the lack of concern in New Jersey for the corruption. If Menedez wins - then again New Jerseyans get what they deserve I suppose - another Corzine.

BTW - as for the comparisons with Kean to Bush - it just shows that Menedez has no plans for anything. It's the only thing he can run on. We get it - Menesez is against the war - but what is he going to do about it? He hasn't said anything - and bringing the troops home isn't the answer.

I hope tonight New Jerseyans surprise me and send Menedez home packing. I don't particularly like either Kean or Menedez - but I feel that Kean will be more likely to fight for New Jersey.

11-07-2006, 01:28 PM
Time for the unsure to pick a senator
Polls show enough undecided voters to sway today’s Menendez-Kean election

George Worner was still not sure which way he would vote today as New Jersey decides whether to keep Democrat Robert Menendez in the U.S. Senate or replace him with Republican Tom Kean Jr.

Worner, 60, of Barnegat planned to wake up, chat with his wife about the candidates and then make a decision. And if he can’t, the registered Republican says, he may just stay home. ‘‘For the first time, I may not vote,’’ Worner said yesterday. ‘‘I don’t think any of them are worth voting for. You don’t know who to believe, so rather than pick the wrong one, I may not vote.’’

Worner is just the type of voter Menendez and Kean have spent the last few weeks wooing with round-the-clock campaigning, media blitzes and special guest stars. Yesterday both candidates spent time greeting commuters at train stations and visiting senior citizen centers before finishing the day at rallies with faithful supporters.

Recent polls have shown about a tenth of the electorate is still undecided — enough to make the difference in a close race, according to Quinnipiac University pollster Clay Richards.

Most of those undecided voters are independents. Voters who do not register with a party make up more than half of all registered voters in the state. A Quinnipiac poll released yesterday found about 15 percent of independent voters were still undecided, as were 3 percent of Republicans and 4 percent of Democrats.

Overall, 9 percent of ‘‘likely voters’’ in the poll were undecided, more than the 5 percentage-point lead Menendez had over Kean.

‘‘If most of those undecided independent voters went to Tom Kean, it might turn this race around,’’ Richards said. ‘‘But the independent voters in New Jersey tend to be Democratic, and they have been increasingly moving into the Menendez column.’’

Unaffiliated voter Marge Enrico said she has been going back and forth between the two candidates.

‘‘Every time that I think I’m leaning a certain way, something that the other party says sparks my interest,’’ said Enrico, 53, of Shrewsbury. ‘‘I guess this time I’ll just read everything I can and try to make the decision.’’

Registered Democrat Florence Grehlinger also planned to study up before heading to the polls because she can’t decide who’s better based on what she’s seen on TV — a popular sentiment this year.

‘‘I am going online and check it out before I go in the place,’’ said Grehlinger, 70, of Glassboro. ‘‘I’m going to check out their records, because you cannot believe what you hear. This has been just the worst election. I don’t know really who I’m going to vote for.’’

The campaigns have been largely negative for months, even before the barrages of TV commercials in recent weeks.

Menendez, a member of the House before he was appointed to the Senate in January, has attempted to define Kean, a state senator, as a supporter of President Bush and the administration’s handling of the Iraq war and other policies. Kean has attacked Menendez on ethics, pointing repeatedly to the fact that federal investigators subpoenaed records of a past Menendez rental deal.

At an election-eve rally in Toms River last night, Kean reprised his major themes in a brief speech to a crowd of about 100 supporters who cheered his name and booed mentions of his opponent.

‘‘We can no longer afford Bob Menendez in the United States Senate,’’ Kean said. And he expressed confidence about today’s outcome: ‘‘We’ve got momentum. It starts here. It’s going to continue for the next 25 hours.’’

Menendez finished his day with a rally at the IBEW Local 269 hall in Lawrence Township, where about 200 union electrical workers gave him a standing ovation. He emphasized health care, education, increasing the minimum wage and cutting taxes for the middle class.

‘‘I’ve stood with you for 14 years in Congress on every critical issue,’’ he told the union members. ‘‘Stand with us tomorrow . . . and we’ll have a great victory for this country.’’

Joseph Marbach, chairman of the political science program at Seton Hall University, said voters who get most of their information about the candidates from television and radio commercials may find it especially hard to choose.

‘‘The message in the 30-second ad and the 60-second is very limited, particularly in this campaign,’’ he said. ‘‘If you don’t know much about either candidate, that kind of person . . . is still going to be confused up until Election Day, and the likelihood of them even voting is diminished.’’

Marbach said the campaigns, realizing the negatives ads may suppress their base from voting, have shifted some of their focus towards positive themes ‘‘to try to give people a reason to vote’’ for them.

But some eligible voters already may have tuned out.

‘‘There’s been so much mudslinging that after a while you do not pay attention,’’ said registered Republican Josephine Dispenzere. ‘‘I probably will go with my gut feeling on who would do a good job and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.’’

In here is something that really upsets me about New Jersy representatives and Menedez in particular - he states - "Stand with us tomorrow . . . and we’ll have a great victory for this country." - Funny - i thought he was supposed to be the REPRESENTATIVE from New JERSEY? Shouldn't he be saying - a vote for him would be a great victory for New Jersey? This is the problem - New Jersey puts representatives in office who care more about all the other states than they do about New Jersey interests.

11-07-2006, 11:41 PM
Well disappointed in the New Jersey electorate again! Lordmarc - I guess New Jerseyans love being taxed to death and having no real representatives in the Senate.

11-11-2006, 07:22 AM
Well disappointed in the New Jersey electorate again! Lordmarc - I guess New Jerseyans love being taxed to death and having no real representatives in the Senate.

It was a disapointing election.

Too bad all of the people that did not like either candidate (Kean or Menendez) did not vote for another candidate.

If enough people vote for another person, I think it would send a message to the Republicans and Democrats.

Give us a candidate with a vision and idea for improving New Jersey.
(I think this idea can be applied on the national level as well.)

Jersey Warren
11-11-2006, 10:13 AM
For someone against big government and high taxes, the Libertarian Party is always an alternative. If enough people crossed party lines, they might grow into a major party.