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01-26-2008, 09:02 AM
Mrs. Claus (my wife) gave me some good Jersey books for Christmas. .I Have not been able to read much, its hard with a 16 month old at home but the books will get read. The books I got were "The Encyclopedia of N.J.", "Kearnys Own - The History of the First N.J. Brigade in the Civil War", and ""The Battleship USS New Jersey From Birth To Berth". This is the second book about The Famed N.J. Brigade I will be reading. The first book is titled "History of Kearnys First New Jersey Brigade". It was written by Camille Baquet, he was a 2nd Lieutenant in company A of the First Regiment New Jersey Volunteer Infantry during the war. The newer book was written by Bradley M. Gottfried he is the president of Sussex County Community College. So i figured it would be good to read this newer book to compare the two. The First N.J. Brigade was the only brigade to retain its single state identity throughout the war, it was done this way because of STATE PRIDE: :D. Our politicians would only allow N.J. units to be placed in it: :D. There was a 2nd N.J. brigade but over time units from Penn. and N.Y. were placed in it, but it still was known as The 2nd New Jersey Brigade. As far as the N.J. battleship goes how many people know it is the most decorated battleship in U.S. naval history? It is also the largest, fastest, and most powerful battleship the country has ever built. Currently when I have time I am reading "The Uncertain Revolution" by John T. Cunningham. It is about George Washington and his armys 2nd winter encampment in the Morristown N.J. area. This winter (1779-1780) the army spent at Jockey Hollow. This winter was the WORST winter of the war NOT Valley Forge! I like to call Valley Forge, Valley Fraud for the misleading things they have taught the public over the years. Jockey Hollow also became the countrys 1st National Historical Park.

01-29-2008, 06:52 AM
Great list - I will be picking up the Cunningham book. But don't forget NJ fiction - some of the best mystery series were set right here in NJ - books by
Jane Rubino - my absolute fave - the thinking gal's Evanovich
Bill Kent
Jane Kelly
Jane Isenberg
Anthony Bruno
Beth Sherman
Ann Waldron
Valerie Wilson Wesley