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06-01-2006, 03:39 PM
The Gateway Region of New Jersey is easily the most packed with tourist sites in the state and yet the website shows very little. Many pictures on the site are aimed in such a way where New York City is the background with New Jersey nowhere in sight. The Gateway should be our pride and joy. They should have a comprehensive guide to the Greater Newark, Greater, Elizabeth, and Greater Jersey City areas (ie. Essex, Union, and Hudson Counties respectively) as well as guides to the more outlying areas like New Brunswick, Paterson, and Morristown. I've seen better guides in the front part of a telephone book than what they've got on that site.

I should be able to find out there that, if I stay at the Robert Treat Hotel, I can visit Branch Brook Park, NJPAC, Symphony Hall, New Jersey Historical Society, Newark Museum, various statues by Gutzon Borglum, eat in the Ironbound, and go to various clubs in the city. I should know that soon I'll be able to see hockey games at the Newark Arena and take in the Museum of African American Music. There should be comprehensive restaurant lists with ratings as well as lists of clubs and such.

Tourism is a big industry in New Jersey but we rely too much on osmosis and word of mouth.

06-01-2006, 06:27 PM
A couple of comments about the site. I did bid on the site, I wanted to work on it, but they chose someone else. The thing is - AboutNewJersey.com is a member of the Gateway Region Tourism Council and I see that AboutNewJersey.com is not listed in the site.

I have several issues with the website, one as you pointed out - what the hell is up with the photos of NY? :roll: The pic on the first page is of the dinner boat in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, that isn't even the Hudson River, it's the East River which is on the OTHER side of Manhattan. :roll: The second is I have is that they used that google maps that I talk about ont he forum, which shows the incorrect border between NJ and NY. But then again, I'm not really surprised too much, I've mentioend before that many people on the Gateway Tourism Council just think of that area of NJ as being the 6th borough of New York. :mad:

NewarkDevil5, Would you be interested in contributing to AboutNewJersey.com and maybe submitting some things as write-ups? What you said should be on the Gateway Region website is exactly what AboutNewJersey.com is attempting to move toward. We have two interns this year, one who is covering southern NJ, mostly historic sites and state parks, and the other who is going to be concentrating on the shore region. I currently don't have anyone covering Gateway or Skylands. if you wish just PM me and I can give you more information.

As a side note thing, the region councils only list members in their website, so if an attraction is not a member, then they don't get listed. At AboutNewJersey.com, we had looked at charging attractions for their listing and so forth, but then it wouldn't be a comprehensive tourism guide. I felt it would defeat the purpose we were trying to do. There seems to be one council that recognizes this fact and I am working with them to partner on some projects and of course that's the shore. I was told by several of the councils that they felt AboutNewJersey.com was competition, and one even suggested that I change AboutNewJersey.com into just covering nightclubs.