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12-26-2007, 08:48 PM
Hello, just wondering, Iím thinking of taking advantage of the upcoming holidays to do the family/friends visits around UK (am a teacher Ė lucky enough to have a long break!) Ė What would be the most economical way for me to do this? My husbandís opted out and so thereís no car for me. I hear a lot of buzz about cheap flights but they never seem to be going where I want when I want (and also I have left it far to late to take advantage of early bird deals) so Iím guessing Iíll be doing it by train. A friendís recommended I get myself a British Rail Pass (http://www.railpass.com/new/passes/psBrit.htm) to keep the flexibility in my plansÖcanít find anything better to be honest Ė other ideas before I go buy?