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03-31-2004, 07:47 PM
I just wanted to explain the Q-Bot or "Fast Lane" system at Six Flags Great Adventure.

A "Q-Bot" is a small remote device that is carried by at least one member of a group of friends, or family. It is rented out (see picture below) to guests. To book a ride the Q-Bot is simply pointed at the Lo-Q Reservation Point (see picture at bottom). Within a second, the Q-Bot beeps and displays a message that confirms the booking. Once booked, the Q-Bot displays the ride name and the time at which the group can join the ride. When the time arrives the group can go to the ride and immediately enter through a separate Lo-Q entrance.

If rides break down, a message is sent to the Q-Bot and an alternative ride is scheduled. If later, the ride becomes available again, guests are re-scheduled and a new time for the ride is displayed on their Q-Bot.

For more information, visit the "Fast Lane" information page at my site, http://www.gadv.com/fastlane.html

Stephanie Plum
04-04-2004, 04:44 PM
Ok... it makes sense now. Thanks for the explanation.

This is a little like the Fast Pass (or something like that) at Disney World and at the Universal parks, in Florida. Disney and Universal have machines which give out a paper ticket when you insert your own ticket into the machine. A display overhead tells the visitor what times the machines are handing out tickets for.

Unfortunately, if you don't get into the park early enough in the day, you can't utilize the Fast Pass system because the park runs out of these tickets fairly early for popular rides.

The alternative to this is "Single Rider" lines. Which I tend to utilize quite a lot. :sun: