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05-10-2006, 08:45 PM
I've got a few ideas for New Jersey City's transit system. While in my opinion they aren't the ideal mode of mass transit, NJTransit has decided on investing in light rails. I've always been more in favor of monorails since they are easier to elevate if necessary and more flexible as such. But since light rails is where we are then we go with the situation we've got.

In Jersey City you've got the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system and in Newark you've got the Newark City Subway. Combine the two into one new entity: New Jersey Interurban with three divisions: Jersey City, Newark and Elizabeth. Extend the Newark City Subway down Ferry Street and then across the Passaic and Hackensack river mouths on the old New Jersey Central Railroad right of way to connect it with the Hudson Bergen Light Rail. Then open a new subway line from Penn Station down Springfield Avenue all the way to Springfield, then another line from Nutley all the way down Washington Avenue/Broadway/Broad Street all the way through Weequahic into midtown Elizabeth connecting with the train station there and then out into Union County. Run another line out of the original Newark City Subway line following into the right of way of the old Montclair-Boonton Line.

I could keep going, but the point of my suggestion is this: run mass transit out of New Jersey's cities. Newark, Jersey City, Elizabeth, Trenton, Paterson, Atlantic City, Vineland and Camden. NJTransit does a reasonable job running the main railroad lines, but it has too much on its plate to deal with expanding the individual cities' transit systems and our cities need mass transit to grow. The plans I'm putting forward would be expensive to implement but they would pay off dividends far beyond merely the fares of travelers. Investing in transportation infrastructure does more than anything else to expand an economy.

05-10-2006, 09:22 PM
I have to admit, you had me there on "Penn Station". I was thinking you were suggesting NY expand their subway system into NJ. After thinking about it - of course you mean Newark Penn Station. :p

As for your mass transit, that has also been my idea. That is one of the reasons I promote the consolidation of the northern cities. The Plainsboro/Princeton/Lawrencevile area is supposed to get a BRT - Bus Rapid Transit system which seems like it would be really nice. One problem, it's really only for office commuters and strangley - it doesn't extend into Trenton. :roll: It is a pain trying to get around on mass transit (other than by train) on non-commute times.

As for your monorail system. It's funny because I have always thought a monorail system would be great for Rt 1. It's something you can put in the center area between the two lines of traffic. It probably takes more than just that and it is VERY expensive, but it's ridiculous the amount of traffic in the area. They build these stupid mega-velopments and then the surrounding roads can't handle it.

BTW - the only way mass tranist works, is if it's convenient. Everyone goes on and on about Portland Oregon's mass tranist. Well I have news for everyone, I lived there, it sucked. They had four or six zones, with a transportation hub in each zone. The problem is, they had no express busing between the zones. So if I was going from where I lived to downtown Porland (about a half hour drive), I would have to go local all the way, then once I reached the other zone, get on another local bus for that zone. This trip would take 2 hours. Why would I take a bus that takes me 2 hours, when I could get in my car and it would take a half hour (at most an hour with rush hour)? Then they had a light rail system, (small compared to New Jersey's). I would have had to drive 20 minutes to get to the light rail station in order to go 15 minutes into downtown. They were going to build a north south spur which would have picked up right where I lived (in that case I would have taken the light rail) but the voters voted against it.

I have found that in all the places I have lived, NJ has the most comprehensive mass transit system in the country, although in my opinion, it is still lacking in convenience (other than rail service which is both convenient and mostly comprehensive).

BTW - the transportation fund is basically in bankrupcy - I seriously doubt we'll see many major projects to help New Jerseyans. Now to help send our tax dollars to NY - they plan on building the third rail tunnel. :roll:

Here's an idea for all you politicians out there, why not do things to attract businesses TO New Jersey, then we don't need to build a third tunnel to NY, we get the income taxes from the corporations, and people here stay employed. I know it's a strange concept, especially after McGreevey made NJ one of the worst states for businesses, but let's see if you can manage turning this around. As I've said, no surprise that the highest per capita income state is in bankrupcy, when one considers that so much of our money is spent out of state. (sorry for the rant there :p )