View Full Version : Why do New Jerseyans lack a sense of pride in their home state?

09-19-2007, 05:31 PM
I just got off my cousin discussing Rutgers and other New Jersey things. Basically he was saying how he hates Rutgers and hopes the lose. That they're trying to be something they're not - a nationally ranked football team and that the only good player is Rice. The thing is - it goes beyond just Rutgers - but generally the view of all New Jersey.

Why do New Jerseyans so often hope that New Jersey falls on it's face? Why do we also seem to feel that if anything good starts happening in the state - it's not good to be proud.

He mentioned that he hates Greg Schiano because of the game against Norfolk State. At the end of the first half he was saying how it was wrong for the coach to run down the clock when they were so ahead and should have let Norfolk leave the field with some dignity. Why when Rutgers used to play in previous years and were the worst team, get booed at, cursed at, run into the mud on the field and never given a chance - why didn't anyone complain about that?

My cousin is work at a Wawa gas station right now and today he pumped gas for someone who was wearing a WVU shirt (he is a New Jerseyan). They both agreed that Rutgers gets its ass kicked because they "don't deserve to win". And according to them they don't deserve to be going against these schools. Why? Why are New Jerseyans always down on New Jersey? Why is NJ never worthy of anything?

My cousin also mentioned how he hates all NJ teams - he only supports NY teams. He hopes the Devils get killed - especially against the Rangers who he loves.

You go to any other state - and they're proud of their home teams. He you're made to feel like it's a sin to support the home teams. Like their is something wrong - not normal to be proud of New Jersey. I asked him - how has NY and Philadelphia completely brainwashed New Jerseyans into thinking that our state is not worthy of any sense of pride.

He defended his feelings saying that it wasn't just him that felt this way. I told him - I know it's not only him. That's the terrible thing.

How do we change New Jerseyans feelings about our state? How do we get people to stop feeling inferior and that it's bad to support NJ?

The thing is - even when New Jerseyans are proud of New Jersey and want to show it - many times it's in a derogatory way. There is a video going around YouTube and MySpace called Dirty Jerzy (http://youtube.com/watch?v=jY4SF8xWKFo) that many "proud" New Jerseyans are taking as their anthem - but if you listen to the words I don't think it puts NJ in a good light at all, there are good parts, but then the song is ruined by other parts. I've rejected it when people have wanted to add it to the AboutNewJersey.com MySpace page (http://www.MySpace.com/aboutnewjersey). I've heard many New Jerseyans refer to New Jersey as "Dirty Jersey" because that's what New Yorkers & Philadelphians call us. I don't get it, other states don't have this problem. I've lived in six states, experienced their pride.

New Jerseyans just seem to have an inferiority complex or something and we have to find a way of fixing it.

BTW - my cousin is a life long resident of NJ - never lived anywhere - never even lived in another town. His mother is a born and raised New Jerseyan too. She also claims she hates New Jersey, but when she moved out of state to "wonderful" North Carolina - she couldn't stand it and less than a year later she moved back.