View Full Version : People thinking NJ is a borough of NY

04-09-2006, 06:53 PM
As a request from JD... :p

A few weeks ago, maybe even more, someone wanted me to help him review the boroughs of NY. To my astonishment... NJ was said when after we counted 4. (IIRC we forgot Bronks)

Anyway... I actually had to argue with one of my friends till he was convinced I'm right and that NJ is a state and not part of NY. It was rather surprising I guess. I realized that JD was right (which is rare!) and that NJ isn't considered a state but a suburb of NY is a way. I asked him now (15 minutes ago) "What's NJ?", and he said he doesn't know, but that it's near NY. Another friend said he thinks it's a state. (yes! There's hope)

I think that, generally, most people here, in this far and ignorant country, do know that NJ is a state (and it would be interesting to do a survey and check really how much knows it). But it's just that no one goes to NJ, you never hear of it in the news, there's nothing about it in the papers... nothing. Oh, there was a story on Camden once, about it being the city with the highest crime rate in the US. :p