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07-19-2007, 05:45 AM
Why does Hollywood keep making fun of Jersey? What did we ever do to them? Out of all the movies and shows I've seen, New Jersey is the only state that is mocked and made fun of. The things they say aren't even true!

We don't deserve to be made fun of, we are actually BETTER than them.

What got me starting this post is the recent preview of THE WAITRESS, in which they made a negative statement about NJ. They're probably from California:mad:

Dear Hollywood,

Sorry we can't be as perfect as Californians. Everything you say is right. Our state we does smell like garbage, and there's no good food, and people are always getting shot and we know every member of the Mafia and the Mob.

Seriosly. People need to stop looking at Newark and Camden and thinking that's all of NJ. Jersey has so much more!

08-03-2007, 07:42 AM
They're just jealous! They all WISH they were from New Jersey. Just look how many celebrities came from NJ - from Frank Sinatra to Bruce Willis to Danny DeVito to Joe Piscopo to John Travolta to Jack Nicholson to Bruce Sprinsteen to Whitney Houston to writers like Mitch Albom and Paul Auster - heck - the whole film industry started in New Jersey!

08-03-2007, 09:13 AM
I moved this thread to the NJ Movie forum. Anyway - I think there are many reasons why this is - one this is that NJ is the easy joke. Everyone in the country and many people in the world think they know exactly what NJ is like. They hear about it all the time from late night comedians - so it must be true. I've actually had a person from New Zealand telling me what NJ is like because she had seen it on "David Letterman".

The other thing I think that really hurts NJ - with so many other things - is that NJ doesn't have it's own major media outlets. Where do New Jerseyans get their network news? New York and Philadelphia. What do they show the majority of??? Crime, pollution, political corruption. Does NY news cover the many festivals going on in NJ? Do they cover our museums? or historic sites? Hell no - they reserve that for their own state and city. I have to say - New York is much worse than Philadelphia in this regard. Anyway - New Jerseyans themselves believe a lot of this crap.

My cousin Steve has gone back to telling me that New Jersey sucks, that there is nothing good in NJ and nothing to do. That all other 49 states are so much better than New Jersey. I've heard so many people calling New Jersey - "Dirty Jersey" One was a friend of my cousin and I had asked them - why do you call New Jersey that - do you think it's dirty. His answer was no that he didn't think it was dirty - but everyone calls it that. :roll: When you have New Jerseyans themselves mocking New Jersey and not even knowing their own state - how do you expect people outside the state to view it?

As for Californians in general - I always say the crazies left the east coast and moved westward, the more sane stopped in the midwest, the less sane stopped in the rocky mountain region. The real crazies kept going until they came to the Pacific ocean and were forced to stop and have collected there. California - where I at one time wanted to move back to - I had lived there when I was little in San Diego - is very fake. My sister ended up living there for a number of years. She said - while publicly Californians are going to the gym and eating health-nut food - at night their drinking heavily and snorting coke. (I'm talking about the LA region mostly here). They're a bunch of hypocrits. Look at the Hollywood elite who are on the "global warming" kick. They get up on their soap box, give the rest of the country speeches about conserving energy - and then hop into their stretch-stretch limo - to get into their private jet to take them to their vacation mansion. :roll:

It's important to change outsiders view of New Jersey and tell them what the REAL New Jersey is like - but it's more important at this point to change New Jerseyans attitude. Director958 - I noticed that you mentioned Newark and Camden - but the Camden Waterfront is beautiful and Newark is going through a complete renaissance. I love going to Camden and walking through the that area. Are there problems in those cities? yeah there are - but when Camden was named the most dangerous city in America it was all over the news (I was even told by some one in Israel how he had heard that people were leaving Camden in droves) and was the poster child for everything that is wrong in New Jersey - but when St Louis got the honors this year of being the most dangerous city, no one said - "I wouldn't step foot in St Louis if my life depended on it".

Other states have an identity - other states can more or less control the message of what people think of them. Everyone thinks that New Jerseyans have this weird accent and say things like New Joisey - why? Because that's what the late night media has said. You don't see the Brooklyn accent being made fun of - yet they're the ones that really do say New Joisey. :roll:. Ratner of the New Jersey Nets publicly said that Brooklyn had a better identity than New Jersey does - why??? Brooklyn was and in some cases still is this crime ridden section of NY.

The basic thrust of all this - is that New Jersey has allowed outsiders to define who we are - the "suburb of New York and Philadelphia", "hypodermic needles on the beach" (which happened on year in the 1980s), the "weird accent". In order for New Jersey to change people's perception of New Jersey - we have to take control of the message and we have to change the way we portray ourselves to the majority of people. There is ZERO excuse for the Meadowlands Sports Complex - which attracts people from all over the world to look like a concrete wasteland. There is no reason for Exit 114B on the NJ Turnpike - the entrance to Liberty State Park - to look so dilapidated and industrial. Could you imagine Wat Disney World having cracked side walks and potholed roadways and a rusting out toll booth, leading to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom? No because they know that first impressions are important. New Jersey doesn't seem to understand this - at least as far as our nothern section is concerned. There is change happening - you can see it with the beautification of Newark. But then how do you get the word out that there ar changes - when there is media blackhole in NJ and people are afraid to go into the city (which is ironic - because people weren't a afraid to go to NYC - yet that dump was a thousand times worse). BTW - I went to a Yankees Game a couple of weeks ago with my cousin Frank - and the Bronx is a hell hole. There was trash all over the place - I mean SERIOUS trash and just the complete ugliness of the place - but you know what - even people that go into the Bronx - still insist that Newark is worse. I just don't get it. Well I do - it's pure ignorance - plain and simple!

Another question people should ask themselves - why does NJ allow our professional sports team to carry NY on their uniforms. Can you imagine a professional team moving to Wndsor Canada and them being okay with the team being called "Detriot...."??? I know for a fact that people in Canada would NOT go to the game. So why are New Jerseyans so willing to be kicked around and in the case with th Giants, Jets and red Bulls - get zero respect while they take our money to build stadiums, practice fields and headquaters? Why? Because WE LET THEM and we expect this treatment!

MY cousin Steve has told me he only supports NY teams - he doesn't even like the Devils, he supports the Rangers. I pointed out to him that he likes the Giants which are a NJ team - he said they have NY on their uniforms. I asked him what would happen if they changed their uniform - he said he would probably sill support them. They're the same friggin team - but according to him - with NJ on their uniforms - they're less worthy of his support. This is his frigging state, the state he pays taxes to and lives in. We as a society have grown up being brainwashed to think that New York is better than NJ. Sorry - but many New Jerseyans don't have any respect in their state - so how can we expect outsiders to.

BTW - the Steve has recently told me he can't wait to leave - that he plans on moving to Florida where everything is much better. :roll:

Finally - let me put this to a test - how many people know about the Mega Motorsports Park that is currently being built in Millville??? I have a feeling no one does - at least not north of Cumberland county. I knew there were plans for it - but I didn't know they had started construction until last week. Its called the The New Jersey Motorsports Park (http://www.aboutnewjersey.com/Regions/Shore/Cumberland/Millvillle/thunderboltRaceway.php) If you didn't know it was happening and you live in NJ - then this is just another example of the media blackhole we live in. So many people still don't know about Xanadu in the Meadowlands (http://www.aboutnewjersey.com/Regions/Gateway/Bergen/EastRutherford/xanadu.php).

08-05-2007, 12:30 AM
You know a lot better and whatever they'd say will go back on them.:mad:

08-22-2007, 09:52 PM
Another question people should ask themselves - why does NJ allow our professional sports team to carry NY on their uniforms. Can you imagine a professional team moving to Wndsor Canada and them being okay with the team being called "Detriot...."??? I know for a fact that people in Canada would NOT go to the game. So why are New Jerseyans so willing to be kicked around and in the case with th Giants, Jets and red Bulls - get zero respect while they take our money to build stadiums, practice fields and headquaters? Why? Because WE LET THEM and we expect this treatment!

Excellent analogy. (IMO)

I think our state has been short sighted in not taking a harder stand against these teams.

08-24-2007, 08:05 AM
I kind of agree with some of Jersey Devil's points. We are too quick to let other people - the major media and Hollywood - define us - BUT, we also don't support people who put positive spins on NJ or do creative things in NJ or support NJ. For example, I'm spending the rainiest week all summer at the Jersey Shore - I shore know how to pick 'em! And:
1. There are a couple radio stations in Atlantic and Cape May county that have local programs and local program hosts - and they talk about local and national news, political news, etc - there are long stretches where they are stuck for callers because people are probably listening to one of those NY or Philly shows.
2. Tuesday was pouring rain so I got a local free weekly paper to see what there was to do and I saw that a local movie house was showing a short (30 mins) film by a local filmmaker that was made in Ocean City - so I checked it out. It was free. It was one of the best movies I saw all year - a Night Shyamalan kind of movie - only about 40 people turned out - okay - it was raining real hard!
3. Our state has film festivals, plays and concerts that are really good - Cape May has some great entertainment thru the summer and into the fall - yet a lot of people would rather run to Philly or up to NYC to pay a few hundred bucks for a ticket!
4. NJ has a lot of local authors who write positive and entertaining books about NJ, but readers would rather buy Harry Potter than support their own.
And I think that sums it up - NJ is a great place, with a lot of character, and we have produced a lot of talent and have a lot to offer, but we don't support our own - we depend so much on the out-of-state dollar that we feel like we have to let them define who we are!

Jersey Warren
08-24-2007, 03:12 PM
An interesting thread! Why does Hollywood keep making fun of New Jersey?

The first thing to bear in mind is that Hollywood, as a legal entity, does not exist. It is merely a section of Los Angeles and when we say "Hollywood" we mean the entertainment industry, just as when we say "Wall Street" we mean the financial industry.

I lived in Los Angeles County for 2-/2 years (from September 1989 until March 1982) and the first job I got out there was working as a proofreader for Daily Variety, the entertainment indistry's "bible" and sister publication to New York's Variety, which covers the New York live theater. That, in itself, tells you much. Thousands of people in the enterainment industry communicate only with their peers in New York and L.A. and refer to the rest of the United States (from New Jersey to Eastern California) as "flyover country." For awhile, people in L.A. used to make fun of Barstow, California, at the Western terminus of I-40 and a couple of hours East of L.A. with the same scorn New Yorkers use for New Jersey.

The story of how the movie indistry wound up in Hollywood is an interesting one. Many years ago, when films were still silent, most movies were shot either in Long Island or New Jersey, mostly on outdoor sets. The original "Perils of Pauline" movies (where the villain threatens to kill the ranch owner's daughter if he can't pay the mortgage) were often shot on the New Jersey Palisades near Cliffside Park and Fort Lee, and from them the term "cliffhanger" originated. This is well known since in the 1960s there was a local rock band from Cliffside Park called The Cliffhangers.

But the movie makers wished they had better weather to be able to shoot more scenes outdoors. One movie producer read that Arizona had over 300 days of sunshine a year and convinced his colleagues to move there. They got on a train and when they got off in Flagstaff, a blizzard was raging! They got back on the train and rode it to the end of the line, and got off at a little ranching and citrus growing community called Hollywood.

One wonders if the collective memory of Hollywood still has scorn for New Jersey because the industry had once been based there. (Although, in reality, New Jerseyans should resent the industry for abandoning N.J.) It wasn't as if, like the Boston Red Sox who traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees, it was OUR idea!

A more likely explanation is that, because Hollywood has such close connections with New York, they have just picked up on the New Yorkers' disdain for New Jersey. The number of New York-style delicatessans in the Hollywood area is an indication of the New York influence out there.

Did you ever notice that for every time you see the George Washington Bridge in a movie, you see the Brooklyn Bridge at least a hundred times? Why is that? Because both ends of the Brooklyn Bridge are in New York, whereas the George Washington Bridge goes to New Jersey.

But L.A. has its detractors, too. Residents of San Francisco look down on Los Angeles as being too big, too polluted, and filled with tacky people with no class. San Franciscans tell L.A. jokes. Samples: Society in L.A. consists of people who have finished high school. A formal party in L.A. is one where you wear socks. Etc., etc.

I've lived in many places in the United States and liked most of them. The only people I had a problem with are those in the Dallas area, but that is another story! :D