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02-24-2006, 11:47 PM
Well today was the first day of the NY Times Travel Show (www.nytimestravelshow.com/) and will last until the Sunday February 27th. This is my first time there and it's incredible. Ihave to say the NJ booth looks awesome - I'm very impressed with it. I will be taking some pictures tomorrow and I'll post them here once I have them developed.

Unlike previous travel shows - NJ is now all together with a BRAND NEW display. All six regions are there, so it really gets people's attention. Now all we need is some sort of "act" to go with it - like revolutionary war reenactors. We're right across from the Japanese pavilion - which is really cool. They have geishas and they serve sake, although I really don't drink at all. Then connected to us pretty much at one end is Busch Gardens with birds, a baby kangaroo and bunch of other animals.

Anyway - I'm there working at the Jersey Shore Region Tourism Council (http://www.shoreregion.com/) booth and promoting AboutNewJersey.com. The 2006 Travel Guide is out too and I have several copies. This is the first year we advertised in it and we have two advertisements. So if you get the 2006 Travel Guide, look for us and see if you can find us - the one wil be hard, but I'll give you a hint. :) It's associated with another group's full page ad.

Let me tell you - this convention is such a far cry from the computer conventions I used to go to when I was a computer consultant. :)

02-26-2006, 12:26 AM
JD , It sounds like N.J. is finally doing something good for itself instead of shooting itself in the foot . I agree with you about an act and being a civil war reenactor I know how benefical a rev.war reenactor can be especially to good old N.J. . I know the shore countys are working together to promote the entire region instead of against each other . I hear the state has some good plans to promote tourism starting in the spring , but we must go beyond the shore and promote all the great places and historic sites this state has to offer . If we did this right the state could pull in more tourist money then it usually does . I was on the celebrate N.J. website and it looks like some good things are being planned there too . Will the celebrate N.J. month be an annual event ? I hope so . I agree with you the citizens of this state must take more pride in itself , afterall we are second to none ! NEW JERSEY HISTORY SECOND TO NONE !