View Full Version : XX Winter Olympics

02-10-2006, 08:33 PM
Well the winter olymics are here. First I'll get my complaining out of the way. :) I hate that they seperated the summer and winter olympics. I would rather have the summer and winter olympics take place the same year like they used to. Now that I have that out of my way, what are your favorite olympics sports. Mine are...


My friend from Sweden hasn't been online in a while because he moved and I just found out that the US Hockey team goes up against Sweden on February 19th. I wish he'd come back online so we can watch it.

I hope NBC isn't going to do endless commercials. It's get so frustrating. It's 8:30pm and still no opening ceremonies. I wonder when they are going to start showing them.

Here is to the US Olympic Team - GOOD LUCK!!! During the olympics my avatar will be changed to an american flag related one. Not sure which one I will use, or if I will make a new one.