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03-08-2007, 02:40 PM
Just to let everyone know - the posts concerning the Carla Katz and Jon Corzine money issue are now moved to their own thread - "Carla Katz and Jon Corzine (http://forum.aboutnewjersey.com/showthread.php?t=1561)". Since this story is getting bigger and bigger I felt it was warranted for it to get it's own thread. Please discuss any relationship issues between those two in that thread. Let's keep this thread discussing Corzine and his taxes.

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03-13-2007, 10:27 AM
What is with the Property tax reform?
Proof: Corzine is all words, no action.

03-13-2007, 10:43 AM
Hi ilovenj, What has happened to the property tax reform? Well, it has been put on the back burner because of Corzines little deal with Katz. Marianita

Impeach Corzine
03-13-2007, 10:07 PM
Perhaps we should autopsy property tax reform to determine what killed it. By real reform I mean more than the stop-gap measure that is in the works. Yes, the special interest groups played a part in the downfall of this last attempt to curve the runaway costs of living in NJ. It was naive to think that the Governor and legislature could pass a tax reform package that would really give New Jersey an overhaul especially this close to an election year. That legislators could or would police themselves and end practices that drain the state's revenues, well we got a clue when they balked at changing rules that allow dual office holding, seems just plain wishful thinking. Instead in a slight of hand move unionized workers' benefits and pension plans became the fall guys. Legislators can continue to hold down two positions in state government and in effect rob state revenues that double benefits without demanding any real work.

Is it any real surprise that the legislature will pass only about half of the 98 special committee's recommendations? Not really. Blame the special interest groups for trying to prevent their membership from having to bear the brunt of the reform effort, blame the Governor for hearing the pleas of the people and calling a special session of the legislature, blame New Jersey residents for wanting lower taxes in the first place; but, whatever we do, don't blame the legislators themselves who gave up the fight for real tax reform before the first bill got drafted.

03-13-2007, 11:41 PM
Implementing tax reform is only as effective as the one doing the implementing. As you know Corzine likes to tax everything he can and he has a nice income so why should he concern himself with the people who don't? There may be some pretense that he cares but he has already proven himself. The bottom line is that the taxes are still high and nothing has been done about it. Maianita

03-18-2007, 09:22 AM
Here is some news from the Tribune as regards our governor.
Corzine is proposing to require poor and disabled people covered by medicaid health insurance program to begin the following co-pays: $2.00 for prescription drugs capped at $10.00 a month per beneficiary, $2.00 for prescrription drugs capped at $10.00 a month per beneficiary, $3.00 hospital outpatient services for men and non pregnant women, $6.00 for unecessary emergency room visits, ( what if the doctor is too busy to see them?), capped at$12.00 a month per beneficiary, $3.00 for medical day care.

Corzine is running true to form. This is an attack on needy people. A few dollars can be alot to some people. Let's vote him out. marianita

Barnegat Fred
10-13-2007, 09:58 AM
I know most of you who will read this donít care that the taxes on my second home on the water in Barnegat increased, but I will post it anyway.

The house is on the water it is a wonderful location, itís new and I built it myself starting in 2002 and finishing the middle of 2004. Once I received the CO my home was assessed by the tax assessor and I began paying $8,500.00 per year. I thought this was a lot of money for 2,100 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms; 2 baths; eat in kitchen and family room home. Keep in mind this is a 2nd home so my children are not in the school system, but I felt that was the price you pay for living on the water.

Then last night I receive the mail which includes November 2007 through November 2008 tax bill. Last years taxes November 2006 through November 2007 were $8,945.00 this coming year taxes are $13,213.00 per year.

This is no longer the cost to live on the water this is the cost for municipal miss-management. Someone needs to be held accountable and explain how taxes assessed in 2004 (a member from the tax assessors office came into my house with a ruler, pad and pencil) when housing prices were at there peak must explain how a tax increase of nearly 50% is justifiable. Someone from the state needs to investigate this matter and any present member of the Barnegat town government MUST not be re-elected.

10-13-2007, 12:00 PM
Welcome Barnegat Fred!

Actually I do care. One of the terrible things about owning a second home is that you don't get to vote in the local elections, even though what the politicians do does affect you. You own a house, but have no say in the way the local government runs. Most homes on the Jersey Shore are part time or second homes. I would be interested in seeing what percentage are permanent homes and can vote in the local elections.

One of the key causes of property taxes are the small municipalities which cost so much money to administer. Look at Seaside Heights and Seaside Park - do they really need TWO different police departments with all the overhead that incurs? Until people demand consolidation of their towns and shared services, property taxes will never go down. One of the reasons the politicians are so against consolidation is because they will lose their fiefdom. New Jersey is made up of numerous fiefdoms and they are protected at all costs by the politicians, administrators, school superintendents and police chiefs at all cost - at the detriment of the New Jersey tax payer. But then again, it doesn't seem like most politicians in New Jersey really care about the tax payers when you look at the amount of corruption going on in the state and how frequently they work to line their pockets. As far as what is required for lower property taxes are concerned - why would they support consolidation when it possibly means the lose of their jobs?

New Jerseyans have to start demanding the trimming of government and consolidation of our towns.

10-14-2007, 05:36 AM
Could part of the Tax increase be for the New High School that opened?

10-15-2007, 06:35 AM
Corzine - who spends a lot of time hopping around with his NY & celebritie buddies (just follow him in the NY Post's Page 6) - is determined to sell the NJ highways to a private interest and have his pals at Goldman Sachs broker the deal - sometimes you stop hearing about this issue but it is not going away - and now he is looking into the mess in Atlantic City as a reason to either A: squeeze more money out of the casinos who are getting hit by the competition in Connecticut and PA and B: take over the city
He is using NJ as a money stream for his buddies in the financial district and to try to leverage himself into a presidential run somewhere down the line. When is NJ going to wise up and get us a governor and state house who will kick out the moochers and leeches and put NJ back where it was when we had NO state sales tax, decent schools and high prosperity?

10-16-2007, 01:50 AM
Hi NJ Barb, Ofcourse I care. I have a son in New Jersey who bought a townhouse recently and is waiting for it to be finished being built to move in. I think it is frightfully expensive to begin with and I hate to think of the taxes.
What we need is to vote out Corzine at the next election. It is absolutely a must to get him out.
What you are paying is ridiculous but no doubt the property is just beautiful. With Corzine managing things the taxes are going up, not down.
I am sorry you are stuck paying those taxes. Corzine has plans to raise the tolls and that is all you need. Vote him out. marianita

01-29-2008, 04:26 PM
Is this guy NUTS?!! Wants to raise tolls and add tolls because of the States enormous debt, and THEN approves 11% pay hike for judiciary after a 5% pay hike for them in 2007? He says he had to do it to assure we retain a staff of such magnificient people. Well I didnt see anyone quitting over their current salaries! In order to comply with my agreements regarding posting etiquette on this site...I will just say You are bad news for NJ!! BAD BAD NEWS!!!!

01-29-2008, 05:27 PM
Is this guy NUTS?!! Wants to raise tolls and add tolls because of the States enormous debt, and THEN approves 11% pay hike for judiciary after a 5% pay hike for them in 2007?
Welcome stardood. So you see the irony in this too? What about him trying to get 500 million in state funding for Stem cell research past while he's going on and on about the state being in the red??? Why doesn't he begin by attracting BUSINESSES to our great cities. Skyscrapers are being built left and right in Philadelphia and New York - where are the skyscrapers being built in Camden, Newark, Jersey City??? Where are the corporations going there??? What about the second rail tunnel he supports to export our jobs to NY at a cost of billions (which is really what the toll hikes will go to pay for)!!!

I would love for a politician for once to stand up for New Jersey and New Jerseyans. I know there are some out there who are fighting - but they aren't the majority yet.

01-30-2008, 12:13 AM
Hi stardood, Well, get ready because the toll fees are going up substantially, not just slightly. There is a huge deficiet and Corzine does not knowwhat to do about it. Ofcourse the deficit has been there for a long time and now that the situation is desperate Corzine decides to do something drastic. The tolls are not cheap as it is.
Corzine has had time to think of ways of managing and has not anything. The property tax remains the highest and every few yrs a mass exodus occurs as a result. So what will happen is that only the very wealthy will be able to live in NJ.
Now, as for the toll increase. It will hurt the ones who have no choice but to pay the fees. Others are planning on an alternate route which could have people driving through neighborhoods which could cause a lot of traffic that residents do not appreciate.After alla it becomes worrisome in the quiet areas.
So much money is being spent on other things. Now take the Marlton circle for example. If you read the article in New Jersey Monthly they want to do away with the circle and spend millions of $$ constructing a road to replace the circle. Approximately 80,000 cars pass through the circle in a day . The circle does not need to be removed. Infact it is needed. It needs some work done on it but it does not need replacing. Infact it is very effective in moving a great deal of traffic.
Corzine has waited too long to do anything about the budget and has allowed money to spent in large amounts. The toll increase is ridiculous what with property taxes and everything else. But I feel it is just a matter of time til it takes place.
Corzine needs to go. Marianita

02-17-2008, 01:17 PM
there is no way our politicians , more so in county and town level , will not keep increasing government size , taxes and give out no bid sweet contracts to their buds. there is no elected attorney general , so np control. only chris christie and his limited resources.
go to a dem or repub meeting. the talk is about what jobs are open and how to get them for themselves or friends.
the sopranp state will pass the tolls and a gas tax and income tax increase , no doubt. cut govt ? pigs will fly firsy

02-17-2008, 04:47 PM
Hi salt. You are absolutely right about the tolls and taxes. It is because Corzine is managing the money. Stem cell research? The money could be better used elsewhere. The people are are going to fight back and accept what Corzine dishes out, when pigs fly, that is. Marianita

02-17-2008, 10:08 PM
We vote the these representives in office Since the beginning of America we elect people to represent us and guide our County down the path of righteousness so WE THE PEOPLE can enjoy the GOD given FREEDOMS expressed and guaranteed in the ďBill of Rights.Ē The document that seen its birth right here in Perth Amboy, New Jersey 220 years ago. Why is it that these TRAITOR ELECTED OFFICIALS who pledge and swears allegiance to uphold the beliefs written in the Constitution and then break their OATH are not punished more severely? Not only should they go to jail they should also loose their houses, cars, boats, stocks, bonds, money and pensions when they are convicted. Why should the dishonest, corrupt public official come out of jail without suffering financial loss as do WE THE PEOPLE they serve do by paying for their corruption?
Senators Lynch and Sharpe James moneys alone would fix most of the states debit and send a message to others to be honest. Take all the convicted politicians and their private partners over the past three yearís monies, properties and we would balance the budget. If the Democrat Party can get the State Supreme Court to change the law to allow Senator Lautenburg to enter the race for Senator against Doug Forrester then they should be able to take away everything from these TRAITORS.

02-17-2008, 11:54 PM
Hi stamptongs, W do elect these people because we always think they will do a better job then the one before. Then when things go wrong there is not much we can do. When taxes continue to be too high and there is a mass exodus every few yrs from New Jersey we know the taxes are too high. Ofcourse there are many other issues too and we cannot do anything but protest.
These people you have mentioned do indeed have plenty of money.
Politics is not always a clean game. Well, it never is. I wonder if the politiians read the bill of rights before taking office, probably not. Why are they not procecuted? I don't know. Mariasnita

02-17-2008, 11:55 PM
Hi stamptongs, W do elect these people because we always think they will do a better job then the one before. Then when things go wrong there is not much we can do. When taxes continue to be too high and there is a mass exodus every few yrs from New Jersey we know the taxes are too high. Ofcourse there are many other issues too and we cannot do anything but protest.
These people you have mentioned do indeed have plenty of money.
Politics is not always a clean game. Well, it never is. I wonder if the politiians read the bill of rights before taking office, probably not. Why are they not procecuted? I don't know. Marianita

02-22-2008, 02:32 PM
Hi Jersey Devil, I just read in the Tribune that Corzine might have too much opposition raising the tolls. I think since that flying pigs deal he realizes that the people of New Jersey are sick of having no say where their tax dollars are going.
Ofcourse Corzine will have trouble raising the tolls 50%. Who wants to pay more?
Well, we will see. Surely Corzine can think of something else to get the money for the for the state deficit. I knew the toll hike would not be warmly welcomed. Actually Corzine is willing to compromise. He will take less then 50% more for the toll hike.:lmao:
I wonder how he will do it. It should be interesting. Marianita:)

03-13-2008, 02:16 AM
I seriously think that ilovenj is either on some serious meds or smoking something. You are definitely warped and are a very misguided individual.
Get your priorities straight and open your eyes.
I agree with all the concrete facts that lordmarc has stated above.
I think that ilovenj should do some homework on what the people in office are really doing to the residents of NJ first before making those kind of judgements. The state has really gotten bad over the last 20 years.
Very Very Sad.....

03-13-2008, 09:46 AM
Hi beezah, The fact is that the state of New Jersey is going to go broke if something isn't done. Raising toll fees is not going to help and the people of New Jersey are tired of the high costs. The deficit is so hugh that nothing short of a miracle can fix it.
Believe me. People will figure out how to avoid the tolls and that will mean alternate routes into quiet neighborhoods and more traffic. Has Corzine thought of this? Marianita

03-13-2008, 11:30 AM
I remember NJ being a peaceful, an absolutely ideal place to live and raise a family. I honestly had a nice childhood, but now, there is no way in heck I would do that myself in this day and age.
New Jersey needs major help. And yes, they need Corzine needs to "get the boot" , for sure.
It hurts to see my family still living there in the environment I grew up in and go through this crap.

03-13-2008, 01:37 PM
Hi beezah, New Jersey is the most beautiful place on earth but is going broke. The property taxes are the highest in the nation and the middle classed are being fazed out.
People do not need to pay more and more. One day there will be no middle class, just very wealthy. The poor really suffer there.
Corzine has not done anything for the tax situation that I can see. And he wants to hike the tolls thus making it harder for people who live there.
The mass exodus that takes place every few years will continue until something is done.
The budget deficit is nothing new. Although it is not easy to fix it would seem that something could have been worked out before it reached such enormous proportions. I don't think raising the tolls is the answer because it takes to long to get results and is not well received by thepeople of New Jersey. Remember that ''when pigs fly'' event?
I can understand your feelings. Marianita

03-14-2008, 07:48 AM
I would love to see Corzine and a handful of legislators get the boot - but as someone explained it to me, this got harder in the past decade. It used to be that a recall petition needed a certain percentage (25%?) of signatures of people who voted in the previous election. Now it's that percentage of all registered voters. So say NJ has a million registered voters but only half of them bother to get to the polls - you can put up a recall petition with 125,000 signatures. But if you need 25% of all registered voters, you have to track down 250,000 - not to mention the regulations as to form, timing, etc. The numbers may be off but you get the point - the "law" makes it very hard to recall people.
There are a couple organizations that are working hard to put the light of day on Corzine's mismanagement and to get the word out in plain language - one is Americans for Prosperity and one is a South Jersey group called Liberty and Prosperity. I think they both have web sites.

03-14-2008, 01:12 PM
Hi NJ barb. Well, it does sound like a whole lot of trouble tracking down all those people. Besides it is impossible to find all of them.
Corzine needs to go but it may be too late to fix the deficit. It would take many years. Corzine himself said the state is broke and raising the toll fees is necessary because the money has to come from somewhere. The fees will gradually go up as the years pass and people are going to get sick of it. Imagine a 50% hike?
When the budget does not atleast improve when a particular person has been in office for a while then something is not right. Do you remember when Corzine wanted people to pump their own gas? That would leave people without jobs. He also wanted to cut funding to universities and also people who clean up road kill would have their jobs eliminated or cut. Now that is going a bit far. I believe he received 4000 emails protesting something he wanted to do so could not do it after all.

So there you have it. I read in my new Jersey magazine that the deficit wa 36 billion dollars and I thought I had looked at it wrong. I was not looking at it wrong. A governor is needed who will be able to figure out where to get the money from. But that is a whole lot of money. There must be something to cut that won't hurt the people so much.
I was not happy when I saw that the Marlton Circle is to be completely rebuilt when it only needs repair. That is an example of how money is being spent needlessly. Anyway we will see how things go. Marianita

03-15-2008, 09:43 AM
We have a budget deficit for two reasons - and it's not from a lack of taxes - it's from too much spending and the fact that very little effort has been made to make our cities thriving business communities. Another problem no one wants to solve is the number of municipalities.

This is what needs to be done -

1) Cut spending
2) Consolidate school district and municipalities
3) Lower business taxes in Newark, Jersey City, Camden, Trenton, etc to attract high paying jobs.

The last one would take time to realize the benefits, but without thriving cities, New Jerseyans keep paying more to support them. Also, commuters moving to the outlying areas, and thenj commuting just adds more and more traffic. Most commuters commute to PA or NY, because our cities don't have the businesses. This causes NJ to have to pay for schools, police, hospitals, fire departments, more roads and transportation, while NY/Philly don't have to worry about these as much or at all - yet they get the rateables.

Everyone complains about exporting jobs overseas - but people don't realize that exporting jobs out of state is just as bad. STOP EXPORTING OUR JOBS OVER THE RIVERS!

BTW - Corzine went on and on about the budget last year - but then wanted to add $500 million in spending on stem cell. I support stem cell - I just don't feel it's the state's roll to fund it. I think instead of that - we should give tax incentives to high tech companies to move into our cities.

03-20-2008, 08:10 PM
Let us remember, as the governor of this fair state, is raising taxes that
may be for the good of the state,but think of what he is doing to our families, our parents that are still with us who have worked so hard to raise us,in these communities and may lose there homes because of corzines taxes!!! How many families that live in stratford or vorhees or barrington work
2 jobs just too keep food on the table, clothes on there children???
Why is corzine not taking a pay cut ? Why not start cutting the Fat from our great leaders in office ???? Why is it that our great governor is going to take away from hard working middle class and the poor and not start with a good example like his paycheck and his staff and other offices at the top???
This governor does not deserve his job , corzine needs to be removed from office, Its shameful that our parents may lose there homes because of his ignorance !!! Its hard enough too grow old but too have to pay more and more in taxes it will be a miracle if seniors dont lose there homes they have had for years !!!!:

03-20-2008, 11:51 PM
Hi got4kids. You are so right. People are losing their homes and they are also leaving in great numbers. Working 2 jobs is a shame and it takes from family time.
Now the latest news on Corzine from the Tribune is that he is thinking of cutting colleges, the funding. That is the wrong way to cut, education. Education is needed for our future generation. I think Corzine is getting frustrated because people do not like the ideas he has for cutting. The tolls first and then edcation. I can tell you that he is not going to make people happy to pay a 50& toll hike.
He needs to go. I think maybe he will just finish his term and that's it.
What will happen as far as people's homes is that there will be forclosures or people relocating to PA where they can afford to live.
Yes it is a shame and believe me Corzine is well off and he does not have to worry.
My son was buying a house and although he was earning a good salary in NJ his wife does not work as she has smallren to care for. So he realized it would be difficult with the taxes, upped and moved to Texas.
It is a shame but it is the property tax that prevents many people from even having a home and others end up in forclosure. It is getting to the point where only the very wealthy can live there.
I sure understand what you must be feeling. Marianita

03-21-2008, 12:05 AM
Well what's ironic about him wanting to cut funding to colleges - is that he wants to institute all day kindergarten. I call that tax payer funded day care. I'm for education, but I really don't think that it is overly beneficial to have all day kindergarten. It really is pathetic how money is just switched around in Trenton.

BTW Got4Kids - I agree. We have politicians who collect multiple government pensions. If they cared so much about reducing the debt of the state - the legislators would not have grandfathered themselves in to protect themselves from having to accept ONLY one pension.

06-02-2009, 09:35 AM
I feel that the people of New Jersey should have a say on where the money goes and how it is to be used. I believe it is 1 million dollars a day being lost on lottery tickets.So people are going to Philly to purchase them. Increasing taxes is not really the answer but less spending might. The money is sure going somewhere.

06-02-2009, 06:55 PM
Hi webkid 90. Corzine has always been good at taxing everything he could think of making it difficult for people to pay. Ofcourse if the lottery tickets are not being purchased in New Jersey they will lose a whole lot of money.
It is wrong to cut funding for colleges because college students represent our future generation. It does not help that people are losing their homes or moving away.
I am wondering if Corzine got around to raising the toll fees. That ''when pigs fly'' rally did help for a time. I wish I had been there.
At any rate Corzine just does not know what to do now that things are out of control. But some of the things he has wanted to tax have been ridiculous. An example of this is when he once said that there would be no one to clean up the road kill. That was to be one of his cuts. New Jersey is the most beautiful state there is and road kill would not enhance it's beauty. Lord help us all.
At any rate when enough people move away from NJ maybe he will realize the errors of his ways. Marianita

06-02-2009, 08:40 PM
Hi webkid 90. Corzine has always been good at taxing everything he could think of making it difficult for people to pay.
Our legislature is more of the problem. A governor only has two terms max to screw up New Jersey - our legislature has been doing it for decades. Unless people take a sweeping reform of the New Jersey government - NJ will never see the light of day and we wil be in the same situation as that other "liberal stronghold" California. Most of you may have heard, after years and years of liberal and nanny state policies in California - the state is now bankrupt. it's the direction that liberals in New Jersey have taken our state and it is now the direction that Obama is taking the nation. I hope New Jerseyans will finally wake up and say no more 2.75 billion dollar tunnels to New York, no more unlimited pensions to state workers, no more increasing the government payroll and claiming that so many jobs are being created in this state. We need businesses moving into our cities, we need PRIVATE employment - not state employment. Until this changes - New Jersey will never get anywhere.