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01-19-2006, 11:34 PM
I wanted to start a thread so people can state where they see any negative comments regarding NJ and share with the board if they commented to them.

This idea came about because of the MEGA XLR thread and the comments on the Futurama forum. Now there is a new forum I have found things (I have a friend who is Swedish and I follow the Swedish news), anyway, someon posted on their forum about moving to the US and asked for suggestions, someone mentioned NJ and they then of course someone made snide comments about NJ.

Here are a series of posts on the USA - Best City to Live in (http://www.thelocal.se/discuss/viewtopic.php?t=1409&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0) (posts about NJ start on Page 2)....

Another place that I would consider in USA would be NJ, I wanna see all the places Springsteen grew up in and sings about Laughing Asbury Park etc


Bring a clothespin for your nose. The place smells.


The swamps you mean?


No, New Jersey. Some of it is paper mill stink, some of it is just other pollution stink.


Aren't there any places in NJ that is free from this? like Freehold Cool or Atlantic City? Asbury Park? anything?


Atlantic City is a miserable place. Poverty, stink and gamblers. Southern NJ might be a little bit better, but it is the manufacturing center for NYC. Factories galore and the pollution that goes with it. Far from the urban centers, it is better, but then you're no longer in Springsteen territory.


No New Jersey is just a big suburb with chemical plants inbetween. Forget the East Coast they are all snobs!!!


You do not want to move to New Jersey. It is a smelly, festering pit of a State. Trust me. I grew up across the river in suburban Philadelphia.

There are a few towns in Jersey that are quaint (Princeton/Heightstown area). But, they are few and far between.

Google Newark or Trenton for a real flavor of Jersey. Like Philadelphia, New Jersey is a great place to be "from."


Princeton is kind of cute. And you can day trip Springsteen country. NJ is like any other state, good parts and bad. Anywhere that has a high concentration of manufacturing tends to be ugly and smelly and dirty.


After reading these posts, I responded with the following on Page 3...

I check out this forum because I have a friend who is swedish and I would like to better "understand" him and his life (he's an online friend), when I came acorss this thread which interested me.

I'm wondering how many of you have actually BEEN to NJ, or are you spouting off things based off hearsay, late night comedians, tv shows or you r trip into Newark Liberty International Airport?

I'm the founder of AboutNewJersey.com (http://www.AboutNewJersey.com) which shows people the TRUE New Jersey, not the erroneous stereotype. I started this website while I was living out in oregon and realized that no one knew anything about NJ. The all had these strange notions of the state and would ask such stupid questions like - "does NJ have any trees?" Or make ignorant comments like "NJ is just paved from end to end". Contrary to people's thoughts here, NJ is mostly woodland and farms, also NJ is NOT one giant subrub of NY.

People may want to actually come see something, and that means more than just seeing a small section of of it around the airport, or merely driving along the NJ Turnpike on the way to NY before making such ridiculous statements about a place. :roll:

On our messageboard we have several threads which people might be interested in reading regarding the ignorant statements people have about the state...

The New Jersey accent and other stereotypes (http://forum.aboutnewjersey.com/showthread.php?t=151)
Why so down on NJ? (http://forum.aboutnewjersey.com/showthread.php?t=167)

Just to let people know - NJ had the number one town in america along with another in the top ten and finally Princeton (home of Princeton University as wel as many nobel prize winners) is listed as number 15, in Money Magazine's Best Places to Live (http://money.cnn.com/best/bplive/). Morgan Quinto Press, which ranks states and is very well respected, lists NJ as the 8th most livable state (http://www.morganquitno.com/srml.htm) for 2005, while NY is 32nd and PA is 30th. California was ranked as 36th. In 2004 NJ was the 5th best state to live.

My friend from Sweden is dying to come out here and visit the beautiful beaches, the amusement parks (we currently have the fastest, tallest roller coaster in the world), many forests and hike, the history (did you know that the turning point of the American Revolution took place in NJ or that all of Edison's inventions were invented in NJ?), the museums, etc.

Also, another thing, it's really stupdi to say that New Jersey doesn't really play hockey - since almost EVERY middle school and high school has hockey team and the New Jersey Devils have won the Stanley Cup THREE times. The ignorance of people really amazes me sometimes.

There is more, more attacks against NJ by people such as...

I grew up in suburban Philadelphia. I know of what I speak. New Jersey consists of festering boils such as scenic Newark, friendly Trenton, the arm-pit suburbs of New York City and beaches littered with syringes and rubbish from Pennsylvania.

Even you have to admit that a good portion of the stuff said about New Jersey is true. It's like the baby who has a face only a mother could love. I guess you have to be a native to appreciate its subtle nuances.

This is a swedish site - and they are bad mouthing NJ.