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05-30-2007, 03:42 AM
Well , I really love to travel. We are planning to go New Jersey together with my co-campers. I just want to know if where is the best camping site in New Jersey? we are both strangers to this place.
So far, These are some of the places I've gone through:
http://www.gobarcelona.biz/img/DS_6228_11506.jpg (http://www.gobarcelona.biz/)
http://www.costabravaspain.info/img/DS_1597_2242.jpg (http://www.costabravaspain.info/)
http://www.tenerifeguide.org/img/DS_1396_5330.jpg (http://www.tenerifeguide.org/)
http://www.propertiescostablanca.org/images/costablancaproperty.jpg (http://www.propertiescostablanca.org/)