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10-28-2005, 03:34 AM
Okay - this is pretty crazy. The last couple of weeks everyone in the NJ tourism industry got an e-mail about a big unveiling for the new New Jersey tourism slogan and branding which was supposed to take place at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. The day before the event - Wednesday October 26th, an e-mail went out saying that the event was cancelled, no word why. Well now, after reading the Star Ledger online - I find out. Governor Codey nixed the slogan the day before the event and after spending $260,000 dollars to an image consultant to come up with the slogan. The great slogan was going to be... "New Jersey: We'll win you over." Now do I like? Hell no!!! I agree with the tourism department that it makes sense, but let's compare this to NY and the 70's when NY was a cesspool with dog sized rats running openly through th streets. Did THEY come out with a slogan such as "NY: Not as bad as it looks"? Again - hell no! They came up with "I love NY" at a time when the only ones that loved NY were the aforementioned rats living off of the huge piles of trash lying in the streets, not to mention the drug dealers, porn shops, prostitutes, etc. NJ needs to come up with a powerful slogan, that ignores the stereotypes. At least we are only dealing with a false perception when people think that NJ is a toxic waste dump and oil refineries and all that. NY was living with huge crime rates, racial tensions, not to mention the large rodent problems. NY's problems were real, ours at least at only false impressions perpetuated by mass media and comedians.

Here is the article concerning the slogan from the Star Ledger...

Trenton is going through a difficult phrase (http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/index.ssf?/base/news-3/1130395942147120.xml&coll=1)
Thursday, October 27, 2005
Star-Ledger Staff

When the Duke of York granted Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley title to the land between the Hudson and Delaware rivers more than 350 years ago, he called it New Jersey.

Back then, that was enough. There was no need to craft an official slogan to lure tourists from the other Colonies. Today, a perfect catch phrase is something every state covets.

New Jersey's latest effort, however, has come up a bust. In an attempt to duplicate the 1980s success of "New Jersey and you, perfect together," the state Economic Development department was set to announce today it was adopting the tourism marketing tag line, "New Jersey: We'll win you over."

But the slogan didn't win over acting Gov. Richard Codey, who rejected it earlier this week.

"It starts with a negative connotation," Codey said. "Why win you over? We're a great state. People want to come here."

The Commerce Department spent $260,000 for image consultant Lippincott Mercer to come up with a new state slogan after deciding in the waning days of the McGreevey administration that it was needed to goose New Jersey's $32 billion tourism industry.

The state has been without a slogan for four years. It has been using "Get away, without going far away" as a stopgap. But that message isn't aimed very far beyond the region. Tourism officials believe there is a much larger pool of tourists to entice.

State Commerce Secretary Virginia Bauer defended the proposed slogan in a draft of an op-ed column submitted to The Star-Ledger earlier this week. She wrote that "misperceptions about New Jersey kept the state off the travel radar screen" and that the study found the slogan "implies that New Jersey is more than you expected."

But, given Codey's objections, the department will go back to the drawing board.

"We're going to continue working with the governor's office on options," Karen Wolfe, a department spokeswoman, said yesterday. "We're using the same research but exploring other options."

Codey also said he would like to hear from New Jersey residents before announcing a new tag line, which will be used as part of a Spring 2006 marketing effort.

Slogans are a big deal for states.

Substantial time, effort and tax dollars go into crafting the right message. Last year, Pennsylvania rechristened itself "A state of independence." Kentucky adopted "Unbridled beauty" as its tag line. Utah is spending $10 million this year to come up with a replacement for "Ski Utah!"

A slogan is different from a state's motto, which is often in Latin to signal that it's not marketing hocus pocus. New Jersey's motto, by the way, is in English: "Liberty and prosperity."

A slogan is also different from a nickname, which is often used on state license plates.

Even the first attempt to stamp "Garden State" on New Jersey license plates ran afoul of a governor, Republican Alfred Driscoll, who vetoed legislation in 1953. "The registration plate itself is an important legal device evidencing compliance with the laws of the State of New Jersey," Driscoll said. "It should be confined to that purpose without the detraction of any mottoes or phrases."

A really good slogan is iconic. It will leap from tourism brochures to the T-shirts worn by lead singers of rock bands. That happened in 1977, with "I love NY." The slogan evinced enthusiasm for the city and the graphic presentation, 'I (heart) NY,' has become folk art.

Of course, other states followed New York's lead.

In 1984, Gov. Tom Kean came up with "New Jersey and you, perfect together." His patrician accent and the bucolic images in TV commercials shifted the popular view of New Jersey away from the chemical plants along the New Jersey Turnpike. It made people feel good about being from Jersey.

In 2001, The Star-Ledger/ Eagleton-Rutgers Poll asked New Jersey residents to choose from a slate of slogans suggested by newspaper readers. The top slogan was "New Jersey: A garden of diversity." It beat out "New Jersey: The light at the end of the tunnel" by a wide margin, but only surpassed "New Jersey and you, perfect together," by 2 percentage points.

Last year, Sen. Tom Kean Jr. introduced legislation (S1469) to codify his father's slogan as the official state tag line. It was referred to the Committee on State Government, where it still awaits action.

"It harkens back to the Golden Era of pride and prosperity," Kean Jr. said. "It sends a very positive message about our future as well. It's simple; memorable."

Codey called "Perfect together" a great slogan, but said it's time to move on.

Much has happened in New Jersey over 20 years, Codey said. Residents now have the highest per capita income in the nation and a higher percentage of them have college degrees. Scientific research is booming. Home values are skyrocketing.

"We've got a lot to crow about," Codey said, pausing at the thought.

"Hey!" he said. "I like that."

Deborah Howlett covers politics. She may be reached at (609) 989-0273 or dhowlett@starledger.com.

So any suggestions on a slogan for NJ Tourism? Here are some of mine...

New Jersey: Discover the Secret
New Jersey: Just for the Fun of It
You've got Friends in New Jersey
Where Diversity Rules
Fall in Love with New Jersey

I think all these well represent NJ, although maybe not as powerful as "I Love NY". So tell me your slogan, or your favorite out of mine.

BTW - I hate coming up with slogans, because I can never remember if I heard it before and am just changing a few words.

AHHH - I know which one I like "New Jersey: America's Best Kept Secret"

BTW again - Lippincott Mercer (http://www.lippincottmercer.com) is located in NY. Why the hell is the tourism department going to a New YORK agency to come up with a slogan? They may be great what they do, but really - would the US have gone to the Soviet Union for fighter jet parts? New Yorkers routinely have a snide attitude toward NJ and I can't believe that this company would be much different. Yeah, they're getting paid for their services, but I'm sure their heart isn't all that into coming up with a great slogan for New Jersey, the state most New Yorkers seem to have contempt for. I'm sure the state could have found a New JERSEY company, one that would be happy to show it's New Jersey pride.

This brings back memories of the WB's "What I Like About You" episode (January 17, 2003) where the ad agency was doing work for the NJ tourism department...

Scene is a PR office in New York.
Character states that she is doing a job for the New Jersey Tourism Department and is trying to come up with a slogan for New Jersey.
Another character answers back - "What about - 'New Jersey - It's supposed to smell like this.'"

Commercial Break

PR employee has been to several meetings in Trenton and will have to go back to New Jersey in the morning.
She tells everyone - "It's only been two days and I already hate that state."

Commercial Break

PR employee is back in NY and starts to tell somebody about someone who she met in New Jersey.
" ....while visiting New Jersey's 7th Largest Tourist attraction, the Paramus Mall..."

I can imagine the comments being vey similar at Lippincott Mercer. :roll:

10-28-2005, 04:38 AM
'New Jersey: A state desperately seeking a snappy slogan' (http://www.nj.com/statehouse/ledger/index.ssf?/base/news-0/1130475334165620.xml&coll=1&thispage=1)
Friday, October 28, 2005
Star-Ledger Staff

How about this: "Scores of New Jerseyans can't be wrong."

A call by acting Gov. Richard Codey for the public's help in coming up with a catchy new slogan for use by the state's tourism agency generated an avalanche of ideas yesterday -- most of them printable.

The huge response prompted Codey to set up a Web site (www.nj.gov/slogan) and a telephone number (609-984-9893) that are expected to be operational today to accommodate all of the suggestions.

"New Jersey needs a new state slogan, and I need your help finding one," Codey says on the Web site. "We have the opportunity to craft a new message for our tourist literature to reflect the pride we have in our many parks, open spaces, farmlands, quaint villages, boardwalks and beaches and exciting cities. Our Revolutionary War history is unique, and we are the birthplace of the greatest inventions and scientific discoveries."

Codey wants to mine the genius of ordinary New Jerseyans for something more suitable than the slogan delivered by Lippincott Mercer, a New York branding and image consultant that was paid $260,000 to come up with "New Jersey: We'll win you over."

The Department of Commerce was set to publicly unveil a marketing campaign yesterday built around the slogan as the "tag line" for its tourism advertisements, but Codey earlier this week rejected the slogan because he thought it started from a negative premise: that there's something wrong with New Jersey.

"It reminded me of when I was single and I'd ask somebody out and she'd turn me down and I'd say, 'Give me one day for a chance to win you over,'" Codey said during a public appearance in Camden yesterday.

Based on the girlfriend analogy, Codey said he has come up with his own idea for a slogan -- "New Jersey: Love at first sight."

Word of the search for a new slogan provoked swift and strong public sentiment, with scores of calls to the governor's office and The Star-Ledger.

"The tourism tag line really stinks and lacks imagination," said Rebecca Drake, who suggested "Life blooms in New Jersey," a reference to the Garden State. She suggested using violets, the state flower, in place of the "oo" in bloom.

Barbara Koslap of New Providence suggested "ENJOY," with the "NJ" in different color type. Paul Walsh of Convent Station suggested, "New Jersey: We love you baby!" among several slogans.

But some of the callers to The Star-Ledger were annoyed that there is even an attempt to come up with a slogan.

"New Jersey has a slogan. I see it on signs every day riding up and down the Turnpike -- 'New Jersey: The Garden State,'" said Martin Eistenman of Kearny. "This $260,000 to this fricking marketing company to come up with nothing, they shouldn't pay them."

Eistenman suggested the state was better off reaching back 20 years for "New Jersey and you, perfect together." He suggested that the state should cajole former Gov. Tom Kean to do the TV commercials again in his trademark patrician accent.

Kean's slogan from the 1980s, the state's first marketing tag line, proved to be enormously popular. It was followed by "You should see us now" in the administration of Gov. Jim Florio and "What a difference a state makes" in the administration of former Gov. Christie Whitman.

Codey was confident the public input would succeed were the consultants had failed.

"We'll come up with a good one," he said.

Deborah Howlett covers politics. She may be reached at (609) 989-0273 or dhowlett@starledger.com.

10-29-2005, 11:08 AM
How about something like NEW JERSEY OUR LITTLE SECRET

11-04-2005, 09:16 PM
Seems as if the NY Times may be reading my messageboard. :) Anyway - this was sent to me in an e-mail...

Did you see the NY Times article (”New Jersey Is OK? Sorry, Slogan Taken”) that appeared 11/2/05? It’s opening paragraph read,

“OK, so maybe New Jersey didn’t hit the marketing jackpot when it paid a New York image and branding consultant $260,000 for research and a new slogan and ended up with the Rodney Dangerfield of state boasts: “New Jersey: We’ll Win You Over.” (Apparent runner-up: “New Jersey: Not as Bad as You Think.”)

Acting Gov. Richard J. Codey, the one guy in state government who actually has won people over, decided last week that the slogan sounded a tad defensive and killed it off before it could do much harm. Instead the state is soliciting ideas from residents at a Website (www.nj.gov/slogan) and with a phone number (609-984-9893). It had received 2,218 by yesterday. Officials plan to narrow them down to a handful after the Nov. 14 deadline for submissions and then put them to a popular vote.”

Hmm - above I compared the proposed NJ slogan to NY coming up with "NY: Not as bad as it looks" instead of "I Love NY" :)

It still irks me that NJ went with a damn New York image company for our slogan. :mad:

12-23-2005, 12:17 AM
Well the new slogan entries are out for voting. One is similar to the one I came up with - "New Jersey: The Best Kept Secret", although I had it as "New Jersey: America's Best Kept Secret"

Here are the selections which have been chosen as the finalists....

New Jersey, Expect the Unexpected
New Jersey, Love at First Sight
New Jersey, Come See For Yourself
New Jersey, The Real Deal
New Jersey, The Best Kept Secret

There are a couple which are finalists that I do like and you can vote for your favorite on our newly attached slogan poll above. On our site any member can vote, but official voting is only open to New Jersey residents. Voting is open until January 1st at http://nj.gov/slogan/ or you can call (609) 984-9893.

So come on - tell NJ what the new Tourism slogan can be. Any of these five is better than the "New Jersey: We'lll win you over" which the state paid $260,000 for.

01-12-2006, 08:42 PM
New Jersey: Come See for Yourself

The new slogan has been chosen and it does sound pretty good. Just like an e-mail stated today that I received, now they have to make sure they use it properly. Technically it's not the "official" slogan yet, because Corzine has said he will review it - so he may nix it and come up with another one. I just hope he doesn't decide to waste $260,000 again on an outside media company to do it.

New Jersey selects new slogan (http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/01/12/come.see.ap/index.html)
Beats out 'New Jersey: You Got a Problem With That?'
Thursday, January 12, 2006; Posted: 5:17 p.m. EST (22:17 GMT)

TRENTON, New Jersey (AP) -- Hoping to draw more tourists to New Jersey's vacation spots, officials on Thursday unveiled a new slogan that aims to change outsiders' views of a state often associated with traffic-choked highways, oil refineries and odors that cause drivers to roll up windows on the way through.

The new slogan is "New Jersey: Come See For Yourself."

"When it comes to its image, New Jersey really cares," Gov. Richard J. Codey said. "Our catch phrase should hint at our true beauty."

The slogan was the top choice among 11,227 telephone and online votes cast by residents for five final entrees in a statewide contest. In the end, voters decided it was better not to tell people to "Expect the Unexpected," have "Love at First Sight," enjoy "The Real Deal," or discover "The Best Kept Secret."

As he unveiled the new tag line, Codey highlighted some of the state's attractions, including the gambling spot of Atlantic City, historic Cape May at the southern tip of the state, and the Meadowlands' sports venues. Officials said tourism generated $32 billion last year.

"Who needs a vacation anywhere else?" Codey said.

The slogan was the result of Codey's appeal in October for ideas after he rejected a proposal from a marketing company for which the state paid $260,000. That slogan -- "New Jersey: We'll Win You Over" -- reminded Codey too much of when he was single and asked girls out on dates.

Codey's office received about 8,000 ideas, including such edgy suggestions as "New Jersey: You Got a Problem With That?" and "New Jersey: Most of Our Elected Officials Have Not Been Indicted."

Codey's office and state tourism officials pared the ideas down to five finalists and invited state residents to vote on them by phone or e-mail. The author of the winning slogan turned out to be an employee of the state's transit agency who writes slogans as part of his marketing job.

Codey said Jeffrey Antman's employment with New Jersey Transit wouldn't stop him from receiving a two-night stay at a golf and spa resort and two tickets to a professional basketball or hockey game.

The 50-year-old Passaic man said he cooked up the slogan in a matter of seconds one day. He said the line reflects the state's beauty.

"That's why I live here," Antman said.

01-13-2006, 03:21 PM
I'm content and I think it should just stay at this point. The voters have decided and that is that. Besides it helped the media have a field day ridiculing the state. With the stupid anti-NJ slogans in their stories and that.

I like it though overall.

01-15-2006, 03:30 PM
One slogan that I heard on the radio:

NJ, we put the FU in Fun. ;)

I think it was tongue in cheek, but I thought it was funny. :D

New Jersey: Come See for Yourself

The nice thing about "Come see for youreslf" is that it encourages people to decide for themselves about how they think/feel about NJ. (as opposed to hearing 2nd, 3rd or even further hand stories of how NJ was in the past or may never have been)

I have recently visited the Los Angeles area and I can say that my impression of the area is different from what I thought it would be (based on media portrayal and the opinions of others)

I have been partial to an old ad slogan: NJ & You, perfect together.
I am not sure why they do not still use this slogan, but I think the new slogan is good as well.

03-27-2006, 12:07 PM
I just found out that New Jersey may not be able to use the new slogan they came up with. It seems it may be copyrighted by ANOTHER state. Leave it to the New Jersey government to screw something up so royally. Not only that but we have a new governor, so it has to be approved by him. You know how NJ politics work, can't have any carry overs from the old adminstration, myst tear everything down and build it back up. Even the New Jersey tourism logo has just been redesigned. I will be starting a new thread on that one.

04-02-2006, 04:42 PM
Due to the fact that supposedly the state wil not be able to use "Come See for yourself" as the new slogan, I have decided to think of another slogan that really captures the current political environment. Due to the recent deals with the Giants, Jets and now the Metrostars - aka the New YORK Red Bulls, I have determined the perfect slogan for New Jersey is ..... "New Jersey: The sellout state". Runner up by the way would be - "New Jersey: The Kick Me State"

I love New Jersey, there is no doubt about that, but I am entirely frustrated by the New Jersey government and especially the governors office - since that is where the majority of power lies.

04-02-2006, 10:24 PM
I love this state also but this just gives others another reason to pick on us.

04-02-2006, 10:34 PM
I think I have thought of the perfect slogan. It is,''New Jersey, a bit of heaven on earth.'' The reason I came up with this is because to me that is what it is. There will always be politics to deal with and other things but the state has so much going for it. What do you think of that one Jersey Devil, Dave, New Jersey pride? lol. :)

04-02-2006, 10:36 PM
I like it.

04-02-2006, 11:05 PM
The thing is - the slogan is all well and good, but if therte is no marketing behind it, no action from the state to promote New Jersey - then it is meaningless. $250,000 was wasted on that lame slogan the state paid that New YORK marketing firm to come up with, then they had the contest and as it turns out, that slogan seems to be copyrighted by another state and is unusuable. :roll:

Marketing involves consistancy of message and NJ lacks that. Everytime a new governor comes in - out goes everything that came before and everything is redone.

The New Jersey tourism logo, which was only developed about 3 years ago, has now been completely scrapped for a new one. I will be having a thread on this where you can compare the two. Waste of money!!!!

Corporations don't reinvent themselves every 3 - 4 years because they KNOW that to make a lasting impression in people's minds, they need to keep on message and develop a LASTING identity. How many times has the Nike swish been redone? That logo, with NO WORDS, is automatically recognized as being Nike because they use it consistently and they don't replace it every couple of years. When is New Jersey going to learn marketing 101 skills?

04-04-2006, 12:25 AM
Hi Dave, I am so glad you like my slogan. Just think of it. People would be enchanted by the name and want to go to New Jersey. It is a funny thing but although people here on the west cost have heard of New Jersey not many have actually gone there, probably because there is no reason for them to. The lady who works at my dental office went there for a visit and absolutely loved it. Can you help me promote the slogan? It may bring more people there. :) Marianita

Jersey Warren
04-18-2006, 05:04 PM
I LOVE it!

I think I have thought of the perfect slogan. It is,''New Jersey, a bit of heaven on earth.'' The reason I came up with this is because to me that is what it is. There will always be politics to deal with and other things but the state has so much going for it. What do you think of that one Jersey Devil, Dave, New Jersey pride? lol. :)

04-18-2006, 11:04 PM
Thankyou Jersey Warren. I am glad you like my slogan. By the way I put in for a months vacation at work for June 1st-July 1st. I tell everyone who will:) listen that I am going from the west coast to the east coast. I am Jersey bound, my second home. lol. Marianita

05-08-2006, 12:06 PM
Well - it's offficial. The slogan has been axed due to it being used by another state - West Virginia. So after $250,000 on a failed slogan and then having a contest and then having a big press conference for the chosen slogan, the slogan goes out the window with a whimper. So long "New Jersey: Come See for Yourself".

05-08-2006, 04:22 PM
Well with Slogangate back in the news again, people are e-mailing AboutNewJersey.com about their thoughts on the slogan.

I received these two comments today....

I was born and raised in Jersey. When I was 20 I moved to Florida. I'm now 40. How 'bout a slogan "The Garden State, not just gardens" or " "New Jersey for all ages". It might be stupid, but I remember growing up in the country - Wickatunk and going to the City in an hour or going to the shore in 30 - 45 minutes. It is a beautiful state and very diverse. Jersey may be small but it is BIG with melting the beaches, the country the city and yes - the wilderness together. It has a little bit of everything - a titillating appetizer for the palate, if you please. Good luck New Jersey in selecting your perfect slogan.

well, add this one to your list of slightly comedic slogans:

New Jersey: More Capes than Superman's Phonebook.


I do like the "New Jersey: For All Ages" one. There are two ways you can take it - but my first reaction to it is that New Jersey is timeless and brings up thoughts of victorian bathers and relaxing and just having a fun time. You can of course also take it that it's fun for everyone. Which of course it is both of these things.

05-08-2006, 08:56 PM
Hi Jersey Devil, Dave, Jersey Warren, It is true. Virginia has used that slogan in the past so New Jersey is not using it. It is a goner. Here's a few. 1. New Jersey, beautiful garden state 2. New Jersey the best life has to offer 3. New Jersey a breathtaking place. Well, I can try can't I ? lol Marianita:)

05-09-2006, 12:29 PM
Here is the article on the slogan and the latest episode on what I like to call Slogangate :p ...

N.J. cans new slogan after learning it’s used

New Jersey officials said the new state slogan — ‘‘Come See for Yourself’’ — would highlight the Garden State’s true beauty.

However, it turns out that at least one other state already had the same idea.
State tourism officials say they have canned the slogan after it was unable to pass legal muster because some states, including West Virginia, have used it in the past.

"‘We are proceeding without the slogan. We will revisit the next steps at the end of the year,’’ Karen Wolfe, a spokeswoman for the state Commerce, Economic Growth and Tourism Commission, told the Press of Atlantic City.

Former Gov. Richard J. Codey unveiled the slogan with great fanfare at a January news conference, just days before he left office.

Codey, who remains state Senate president, said at the time that the state’s catch phrase ‘‘should hint at our true beauty.’’

The slogan was the top choice among 11,227 telephone and online votes cast by residents for five final entrees in a statewide contest.

But at an annual tourism conference in Cape May County more than a week ago, the slogan was absent from all state promotional materials. The slogan is also incognito in this year’s tourism television commercials, featuring a song by rocker Jon Bon Jovi, a Sayreville native.

Tourism officials say West Virginia already used phrase in some previous promotions, but now uses ‘‘West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful.’’

07-05-2006, 06:12 PM
Now our new slogan can be NEW JERSEY CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. i am heading down to Manahawkin for 11 days on Friday fortunitly the only thing on LBI that will be affected is Barnaget light which I believe is run by the State.

07-05-2006, 08:16 PM
Hi Dave, How about, ''There is no place on earth like New Jersey.'' Or how about,''Breathtaking New Jersey?'' Marianita:)

07-05-2006, 08:25 PM
I was being sarcastic

07-05-2006, 08:56 PM
Hi Dave, I know you were and I am aware that the state has shut down but that does not mean it is not a beautiful state. Hopefully this situation is only temporary. Everyones nerves are on edge. with good reason. Marianita

Jersey Warren
01-31-2007, 03:15 PM
New Jersey:

It's the Shore … and Much More

01-31-2007, 03:22 PM
Hi Jersey Warren, That is absolutely awesome. It is the best I have seen yet. It pretty well sums it up and gives people an idea of what New Jersey is like. Marianita:)

Jersey Warren
01-31-2007, 03:38 PM
Thanks, Marianita! I appreciate your compliment. Though I write for a living, slogan writing is an art all it's own. I used to work with a man who was an ad copywriter at a New Orleans ad agency years ago and I wish I could think them up like he did. I can come up with something after lots and lots of thought, but he'd spout slogans and clever lines off the top of his head as easy as breathing.


01-31-2007, 03:44 PM
You are so very welcome Jersey Warren. I should have figured you write for living. It is funny about these things. Sometimes you have to think and think. It is like my writing poetry. Strangely I write the best after midnight. lol. At any rate no one is going to come up with anything better then your slogan so it may as well be used. That guy in New Orleans probably was used to coming up with slogans. I too have to give these things plenty of thought. Take care. Marianita:)