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08-22-2005, 11:50 PM
My personal worst route is anyone trying to get from willowbrooke mall to the Dover-Randolph area its a trip of about 22 miles acording to the highway signs but its a 3-4 hour ride including a transfer from the MCM 1 to the MCM 2 bus.
Ive noticed morris county runs its buses very casually.

Anyone else have any night mare commutes?

09-06-2007, 05:57 PM
The #22 from Hoboken to North Bergen is one of the slowest in New Jersey, it says that the full trip takes an hour, but more often than not, lateness on the #22 make the full trip 30 minutes longer, make the #22's last stop the Bergenline Avenue Light Rail Station and make the #89 line operate on the #22 current route to Nungesser's and eliminating all Park Avenue Service on the 89.

09-07-2007, 03:04 PM
Welcome Juan833Blue :wave:

See I'm not that familiar with the bus schedules and how well the buses run. I think public transportation basically sucks at the shore - at least NJ Transit buses. No problem if you want to go to NY or AC - just anywhere else you have a problem.

Central NJ wasn't too bad I think - the Plainsboro, Princeton, Trenton routes seemed pretty good - although I never took them. One of the problems is that it's so geared toward the commuter that you can get a bus after 7:00 or on the weekends.

09-11-2008, 11:01 PM
NJ transit has finnaly set up a shuttle bus to run from the Secaucus train station to the Meadowlands on nights with events. The only problem is that the tickets only can be purchased at Penn Station NY. So you still have to go to NY to take Mass transit to the Meadowlands.

Home > Service Advisories > Customer Notices >
Customer Notice
Transit Service to Meadowlands Sports Complex

NJ TRANSIT has replaced No. 351 Bus service with a new rail/bus shuttle service between Penn Station New York and the Meadowlands Sports Complex via Secaucus Junction Rail Station. With the launch of this new service, Bus No. 351 will no longer operate to the Meadowlands from the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Here’s how the new service works: Customers traveling to the Meadowlands for sporting events, concerts and other major events will board trains at Penn Station New York (PSNY) and transfer at Secaucus to waiting shuttle buses to the Meadowlands. Regular $10 roundtrip tickets will be sold at all PSNY ticket windows and ticket vending machines. For major events, dedicated ticket windows will be available at PSNY for your convenience.

Getting there is easy:

Go to Penn Station New York – Penn Station is located at 33rd Street and 8th Avenue. Subway service is available on the A, C, E and 1, 2, 3 subway lines.

Buy Your Ticket – Special $10 roundtrip tickets are available at all NJ TRANSIT ticket windows and ticket vending machines at Penn Station New York. Cash, debit and credit cards accepted. Tickets are valid for rail transportation between PSNY and Secaucus and for bus transportation between Secaucus and the Meadowlands Sports Complex.

On ticket vending machines, select the option for "Meadowlands Special Event Service." Please allow sufficient time to purchase your tickets. NJ TRANSIT ticket vending machines are located throughout the station. All passengers must have a ticket prior to boarding the train. You will not be able to pass through the fare gates at Secaucus without a magnetically encoded ticket.

For additional convenience, tickets may be purchased in advance at New York Penn Station ticket vending machines and ticket windows.

Board a Train – Check the departure monitors for NJ TRANSIT trains with “SEC” shown next to the train number. Only trains labeled “SEC” will stop at Secaucus; do not board a train that does not indicate “SEC.” Secaucus Junction will be the first stop (about 7-10 minutes after departing New York).

For list of New York-to-Secaucus departures in advance of the Jets game on Sunday, September 14, click here .

Transfer at Secaucus Junction – At Secaucus, exit the train, go upstairs and follow signs to the bus loading area. Use your train ticket to pass through the fare gates.

Take the Shuttle Bus to the Meadowlands – As you board the bus, present your bus ticket to the NJ TRANSIT representative. Your bus ticket is labled "353PASS." The trip from Secaucus to the Meadowlands will take about 15 minutes.
After the event:

All customers returning to Secaucus Junction must arrive at the bus loading area within 30 minutes after the conclusion of the event. For Giants and Jets games, the bus loading area is located at Lot 14 (outside Stadium Gate D, past the practice field).

At Secaucus Junction, check departure screens for the next New York train. (To view train schedules in advance, visit www.njtransit.com ) You can access our mobile site from any web-enabled mobile device (e.g. BlackBerry, iPhone,etc.).

Use your Secaucus-to-New York ticket to open the fare gates.
Important Information:

Each customer will receive 3 tickets. One ticket is used for the train from New York to Secaucus and to open the fare gates at Secaucus. The second ticket (labled "353PASS") is presented to the bus operator upon boarding at Secaucus. The third ticket is used for the return trip (this ticket is also used to open the fare gates at Secaucus when returning to New York).

Bus service from Secaucus to the Meadowlands begins 3 hours prior to the start of the event. Please plan accordingly. (For example, bus service from Secaucus will begin at 4 p.m. for a 7 p.m. football kickoff.)

Important Note About Weekend Train Schedules - Weekend train schedules provide several trains per hour, but please be aware of gaps in the schedule to allow for necessary track work in the Hudson River tunnels. Please check train schedules in advance and arrive at Penn Station at least 20 minutes before your train's departure time, especially if you need to purchase tickets.

Purchase Tickets in Advance - To avoid lines, you may purchase your tickets in advance at New York Penn Station ticket vending machines and ticket windows.

Accessibility - Elevators are available at Penn Station New York and at Secaucus Junction for customers with disabilities. Please see a customer service representative for assistance. Most NJ TRANSIT buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts.