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08-11-2005, 08:49 PM
The Toms River American Little League team has won the NJ state Championship as many of you know by now. They have had some success in Bristol, and tomorrow will be the biggest game yet for our State Champs.

At 11 AM they will face Maryland (GAme will be broadcasted on 1160 AM WOBM AM, for those of you in the OCean County Area). IF they win they will face the winner of the Deleware and PA game on Monday for the right to go to williamsport.

I think by looking at these teams it wont be easy but NJ and PA deserve to be the two in the final game. And that will be exciting at that. NJ beat Maryland yesterday 10-1 in a BLOWOUT of a game! They have some STRONG bats in guys like Alex Wheeler and in fact had the highest batting average going into to todays play (I dont have the stats in front of me tonight). While they lost today to Deleware They are still a strong team.

I personally wish them the best of luck and would be curious if anyone else has any other opinions?

08-11-2005, 08:58 PM
Welcome aboard RadioJoe.

I don't necessarily have an opinion about the game, because they're slightly outside my area- but I do hope they win. Toms River seems to have a Little League dynasty going - their teams always seem to go very far. Rt 37 from Toms River to Seasde Heights is called Little League World Champions Boulevard, in honor of the team that won the World Series in the late 90's. Anyway - best of luck to the new Toms River teams - make NJ proud. :) N o presure of course there. :p