View Full Version : Camden

07-18-2005, 05:15 PM
I have to say that Camden is not the terrible city that appears so much in the news. Yeah - it's got it's very bad section, but I see a lot of improvements everytime I go down there. I love takign the Riverline from Trenton and walking along the waterfront and going to the USS New Jersey. The reopened Adventure Aquarium (formerly the NJ State Aquarium) is very impressive. I also had a great time at the 3-Doors down concert on July 9th.

One problem with Camden - lack of signs on how to get back to the Ben Franklin Bridge. Also, they have a New Jersey welcome sign, but the idiots put it on the west bound side of the highway - instead of the east bound side where you ACTUALLY enter NJ from.

I seriously recommend people take a Riverline excursion to Camden check out the awesome waterfront. There is also the ferry that will take you over to Philadelphia.