View Full Version : Meadowlands Farts on New York?

01-09-2007, 06:41 PM
Well according to latest reports, the smell that permeated New York City yesterday was caused by swamp gas from the Meadowlands. I say the Meadowlands Wetland region should "fart" on New York more often as a punishment for trying to claim that the Giants, Jets and Red Bulls are New York teams, when they are in fact New Jersey teams. I just find it so hilarious. :D New York deserves to get crapped on by New Jersey. We support their economy and yet get no respect from that city at all. I say let's give them more swamp gas. :)

01-09-2007, 07:15 PM
Ok, I can't stop laughing LOL!


01-12-2007, 05:42 PM
Did anyone see the "Late Show" with David Lettmeran last night (Jan. 11, 2007)?

Actress Julianne Moore said that the smell definitely came from New Jersey. She flat-out said that "New Jersey smells" and that everybody knows it!

Moore went on to relay a story about how that, when she was a kid and her family drove out to the Midwest on family trips, that when they were driving back to the East Coast her and her siblings always knew when they were getting to New Jersey because of the smell.

I kid you not. She was seriously busting on New Jersey like it was the 1970s all over again.

Dave, to his credit, just smiled and listened to her story. He didn't really add to the insults, I don't think.


01-13-2007, 06:03 PM
A-Line, I didn't see that, but I'm not at all surprised. The same old negative comments and jokes are always made about New Jersey. Much of our negative image we can blame on ourselves. So few New Jerseyans, and even less of our politicians, defend New Jersey and work to set the record straight.

I constantly get into discussions with my cousin on New Jersey pride. He seems to finally see what I mean. Unless New Jerseyans speak out against the negative comments, work at changing people's perceptions of the state - we will always be the butt of jokes around the country - AND the WORLD.

This is why I made the above post I did. Yeah, the smell came from New Jersey - so who the hell cares? Instead of getting pissed at the jokes, I felt I would turn it around on the city that always tries making New Jersey feel inferior. I've driven all over this country - and you know what - every state I have been to has some sort of industry, some area that smells. Damn when I moved to Indiana - I couldn't stand being outside because of the pig and manure smell. The Willamette River going through Portland Oregon is so polluted that you can not go swimming in it and is far more polluted than the Hudson (which the Portland newscasters were shocked by when they were forced to report that). Supposedly the smell originating from New Jersey was NOT from industry, which has been drastically cleaned up since the 80's, but from the natural breakdown of matter in the Meadowlands Wildlife Area. This type of event is not uncommon in Florida, Louisiana and other states that have wetlands and swamps (I've been on a swamp tour in Louisiana).

It's from people like you, Beatman, Jersey Warren and all the others who frequent this messageboard and those who stand up for New Jersey, who will ultimately change the perception of New Jersey. We have nothing to be ashamed of that the smell came from New Jersey, just have to be imaginative in how we combat the comments. :) I say let's have more crapping on New York. Let's star working in New Jersey, let's stop wasting New Jersey tax dollars to build transportation systems which benefit mainly New York. Let's put up signs in Newark Airport that proudly welcomes travelers to New Jersey and have phots which highlights the glory of this state. Let's stop the "New York creep".